Editor’s Note

I have been eagerly counting own 2013. This year has been one of serious character building. Whatever Mexico could throw at me, it did. Nothing was ever dangerous or life-threatening but just a steady stream tediousness and expensive inefficiency.  December 25th my body said, “Enough is enough!” I spent the remaining days of 2013 in bed, sicker than a dog, with the flu that progressed into bronchitis. Compounded by the unseasonal rains, I have to say I am glad this holiday season is over. There is literally nothing left on Netflix for me to watch. Of course, we could be stuck in Winnipeg, Manitoba where it is too cold to fly.

I have a couple sets of friends in the Bay for the Christmas break and they are understandably fed-up with the weather but it was refreshing to be pulled from my funk to see they were still enthusiastic and thinking outside of the box. Rather than wallow in their rooms, they have set about exploring other places in Vallarta including trips to El Tuito, San Sebastien and Yelapa. As someone who loves short trips, especially around here, I was really pleased to see some new Vallarta converts step away from the all-inclusives and appreciate some of the many other wonderful things there is to do here – rain or shine.

As we all get back to our regular programming, there remains many things to do around town. New shows are being produced each week, restaurants are enticing you in with dining specials, there are charity events, art gallery exhibits, the of course the world-class farmers and artisan markets .

Until next week, enjoy your time here in Banderas Bay. Explore something new. Count your blessings and if you are by chance returning to Winnipeg or other such frosty destination, I’m sorry. We’ll be here when you return.

Feliz Año,


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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.