Editor’s Note

On Friday I stopped by the opening of the Marsol Market by the pier and saw some of my favourites. Marcia Blondin is there, selling her beautiful handmade silk jewelery, Bill Kelly with his cooling ties and saucy aprons mentioned they’re making some more masculine aprons but I think the question remains, do you wear anything underneath? Barbara Peters has her hand painted shirts along with jewelry and art prints; I mentioned how lovely a Venetian glass bead necklace was and she gifted it to me… Thank you Barbara!
And a special surprise: Frank Norton, of letter to the editor fame, was at the market. I finally met the man who has so much to say on so many topics. He gave me some lovely and very thoughtful gifts. It was so great to put a face to the name after all these years.
This is a dedicated crew of local vendors, Nationals and Expats with a wide range of interesting items from clothing, traditional Mexican crafts and fabrics, food, guide books, lots of gift items. I even heard Sylvie Scopazzo will be selling her Organ-icks dog treats there each Friday too!
The Old Town Farmers Market opens the first Saturday of November, the La Cruz Farmers Market is opening the first Sunday in November and I’m still waiting on confirmation from the markets in Bucerias, Nuevo and Marina Vallarta. If you are involved in the markets, please send me an update and I’ll add you to the list of area markets.
I’ve received emails lately from the theaters around the bay – very impressive line-ups and some special must-see shows! We’ll have a run down on tops shows at Act II, The Palm and Stage and Forum in Nuevo for you next week. Get your pencils sharpened because your calendars are about to be full!
The event of the year – the SPCA Fundraiser – is being held at the newly refinished Casa Kimberly on November 29th. This is an elegant affair hosted by Janice Chatterton in support of the Puerto Vallarta SPCA. More information can be found in this week’s paper.
We had plans to head to El Cielito (if you haven’t been – go! It’s amazing) this past weekend but the never-ending rain washed out the roads so we decided to keep driving all the way to Manzanillo. We weren’t there long enough to get a good feel for the place just a quick drive through town, stopped at the beach, then had a fantastic seafood lunch at Carlos Marisco’s. Trip advisor came through with this hidden gem. Huge portions of fresh seafood, fair prices – totally recommend it.
The highway was in fairly good condition the whole way. Some construction around Tomatlan to keep an eye out for but I would think in the next couple months that the highway will be complete. I guess the rumoured new airport and resort announcements have spurred this final push. Now would be the time to buy that beachfront. The south is about to take off! Have you been to the dam above Tomatlan (prensa de Cajon)? There are cabins you can rent, some fun restaurants along the shore – it’s a great escape for a couple days, especially if you’re into doing nothing, or fishing… and a different take on life in Mexico. I’ll tell you more next week.
For now, safe travels,


  1. Hi Madeline,

    Thanks again for providing the frosting on my vacation cake this year! Surprises are often best when unexpected , or when one has waited some time for them.

    Readers have read about your travels with Carlos in your several Editor’s notes. I have also read about some other of the strange romantic customs around the world. In the USA Colonial days when a man visited a girl five times in her house, he was legally required to marry her.

    A husband in the Yami tribe of Formosa, as a guarantee to his wife that he had been faithful when he leaves her side, walks about with a covering over his head. (Are you listening Carlos?). In Ancient Mesopotamia , unless a girl was betrothed by her 18 th. birthday, she was regarded as an outcast by her neighbors.

    And as soon as a girl of the Naga tribe in India became married , she wears a necklace of bells to ring out the news to her other suitors about her marital status.

    I do not now of any strange romantic customs in either Canada or Mexico, however in the U.S. an Alpha male signals his dominance and girl, by beating up other rival alpha male bullies. I bloodied five in Junior High School, and when Loretta and I went to different High Schools, some big guy blocked me from boarding the bus to school, saying that Loretta was his girlfriend and I better watch out.

    Well he was enraged when during the fight, his expensive cashmere sweater was torn, and his gold wristwatch was damaged, and said that he would meet me after school. Well he showed up during my soccer practice, with a group of boys that encircled me as he confronted me. Fortunately he lost and went home quite blooded.

    I then placed my senior ring on a necklace around Loretta’s neck.

    Another enamored boy put gas in my car gas tank, and during a flight to Florida to met up with me at the USPTA headquarters where I was scheduled to give a teaching seminar at their National meeting, a young Saudi Arabia prince took a shine to Loretta on the plane and invited her to go to Saudi Arabia with him to live. Loretta got rid of him before meeting me at the airport. Loretta like you Madeline was 40ish.

    Not to ne outdone, Larry King , husband of then world’s woman’s No. 1 tennis champion Billie Jean King, at their Tennis America Headquarters facilities at Incline Village at North Shore Lake Tahoe, had invited Loretta out for dinner, and before taking her back to her Hotel, told of his problem with Billie Jean who did not want children, and that he did, and asked if Loretta would marry him.

    This is why in America, it takes an Alpha male to get and hold the most beautiful and desirable girl , and place a wedding ring on her finger. After our second child, and in our brand new house, my dad at a dinner at our home, told Loretta that she was too good for me.

  2. Correction in above comment, “Sugar in my car gas tank”. The boy did not want Loretta spending a weekend in Yosemite National Park with me alone. He told the school Principle about Loretta going out of town with another boy, and she was not permitted to attend her Senior Prom.

    After this prank, the boy left San Francisco for New York City.

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