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Well Puerto Vallarta, what do you think? Here we are at thirty-two great big juicy pages!

For the past few weeks it’s been a struggle to squeeze everything into the twenty-four pages we were working with. I heard you – loud and clear – don’t mess with your Suduko.  We’ve brought back the word games, we’ve expanded some sections and made space for all the wonderful advertisers we have within our pages.

It’s important that you know that without our financial supporters, this paper would not exist. Please, if you find yourself using one of our advertisers or contributors let them know you found them through the Vallarta Tribune. If we are missing information you’d like to see also let me know. With the new space we have room to grow and fulfill your wishes.

Last week, I made a stupid mistake and ran the unedited In the Know submission by Sylvie Scoppazo. I did take the time to fill in her blank (Gary Thompson leads the Tuesday sculpture walk on the Malecon) along with misspelling her name but, unfortunately the revised text did not get published. I sincerely apologize. In this issue I have included more information on the Malecon sculpture tour, if you haven’t taken it yet. Do!

One other clarification that was brought to my attention; Fandango is indeed running free shows Wednesday through Sundays until the end of the month but ONLY for residents of Mexico. You must show Mexican ID for free tickets. More information is on their website. Apologies if you went without proper ID but, hopefully you splurged on the $400 pesos and stayed to enjoy the show. Teatro Vallarta can use our support, as can all the other theaters, live music venues and street performers. We are blessed to live in a city with ample entertainment options – don’t take them for granted.

This past week I was mostly dealing with the after-effects of moving houses (three times in two days) but I did get the chance to celebrate a friend’s birthday on the beach Sunday. We really should do that more often. It’s such a fun, wholesome way to enjoy the day. And, as Sue Keevil tells you in this week’s PV Sea article, the whales are back!! The Banderas Bay Initiative column has some great information about what to expect when you go out on a whale watching tour. Remember, they are one of our local treasures and should be protected at all costs.

Being from Vancouver, Canada, the land of Asian Cuisine, I jumped at the chance to try a tasting menu at India Gate. With a sister restaurant in Vancouver, this charming spot does not disappoint. The Butter Chicken is so tender. More details next week but, if you are looking for a nice treat, their Sunday $99 peso menu is a great way to try out a few dishes.

Lots of posadas this weekend and plenty of reasons to drink (too much). Be careful out there. It’s zero tolerance for drinking and driving. You’ll face a hefty fine if you are found over the limit and the limit might be a bit ambiguous… Support the local community and take a taxi, just be sure to confirm the final price before you get into the car.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.


  1. Aha ! The website is again up and working for me.

    Regarding the Vallarta Tribune – the bigger the better.

    Regarding Vancouver, Canada, Loretta and I visited there in 1962 as part of our trip to the Seattle Worlds Fair. The seafood dinner at the wharf was great., but the sidewalks were mostly empty after 5:00PM. Looking down the main street, we only saw one shop light on, and it was a Drug Store, where we went to look at the magazine rack and talk to someone..

    Moving … I hate moving ! I have lived in my house most all my life. Moved back and forth many times when my parents were having marital problems, My grand parents mostly raised me and my sister. I moved out when my parents got back together, and moved back in when I inherited the house when my grandparents passed on. It was terrible, and then she did not leave her house for some 15 years. People who visited asked what were those noises, who was walking up the stairs, and closing the upstairs door?

    Loretta in order to get her out of her house, remodeled most of the house, removing walls, changing the kitchen, back door and bathroom location, upstairs toilet room and bathroom into one, etc. My daughter’s friends did not want to come into the house because it was haunted.

    Now that it is completed and the construction loans are all paid off, now is not the time to move again … or ever.

    Don’t want to move again. There is two much I have accumulated , and I do not think that I could afford a bigger house and location than this.

  2. For all of you that do not believe in haunted houses nor ghosts, let me say that my wife Loretta’s house, inherited from her mother, also has a ghost of an elder man who may have lived there before the house was purchased. My daughter and her three sons live there and have seen him walking around on a number of occasions. Also have visitors. My home in the California Sierra mountains does not have a ghost , apparently because we had it built, and no one who has lived there has died.

    To explain this one may go to the Vaishnava cosmology of India where the Vedic Cycles may be likened to the Maya Calendar Cycles, and the belief of the three worlds. Ancient India believed also in the three worlds, one the physical plane, the second the spiritual plane, and the third the conscious plane. Their 14 mavantara periods each lasting 300 million years , that approximate the periods between major mass extinctions on Earth. Thus the oldest the human species can be is 300 million years.

    The conscious plane is the highest plane and is responsible for the spirit and material planes. Ghosts represent a deceased person’s conscious state, that has yet to break away from the material state. Some say that is also the state where our conscious goes when we are asleep .

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