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It’s about a dozen hours past deadline and I am just now finding the time to get this out. Please excuse the spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes. This past week I enjoyed a networking breakfast at Bravo restaurant, hosted by the always amazing Pam Thompson where I met so many of the town’s active community members. I’m not good with names but I’ve got an eye for faces and I have to say, we are an attractive bunch. I stopped by both Puerto Vallarta markets on Saturday to say hello to friends and be a good contributing consumer. If I didn’t buy from you this week, don’t worry, I’ll be back. Saturday night saw me with a couple beers in hand (for a good cause) at the Los Muertos Brewing Company Dia de Los Muertos charity event benefiting Centro De Apoyo a Niños Con Cáncer A.C., Vallarta’s foundation that supports children who are battling cancer. With about $10,000 pesos in total raised, this event is already scheduled for next year. The live music/block party vibe was great to experience in this city! I suggest more of these types of events!
I was going to go diving (in the ocean) for my first time in 13 years with Ms. Sue Keevil of PV Sea Dive but alas, it’s been rescheduled! One day dear readers… one day. This upcoming week has us hopping again with the Friday night opening of Fosse at the Boutique Theater, DineOut on Tuesday, Oktoberfest on Wednesday and the inauguration of the 19th Festival Gourmet on Thursday. It might be time to start an exercise program as calorie intake is set to increase substantially in the coming weeks and months.
In an effort to keep you better informed we have a couple new additions to the paper including a small column each week in French, and a snapshot of the events our Community Manager is attending. Julie is new to the Tribune but has already made some impressive contributions. Please join me in welcoming her to both Puerto Vallarta and the Tribune. We are also running a selection of the comments we get online. www.vallartatribune.com gets good traffic and has some lively comments. If you haven’t checked us out online, please do. Recent arrival, Steven Afonso, contributed a couple of the cover photos from this past weekend’s opening of the Old Town Farmers Market.
As always I welcome your comments, questions, concerns and invitations to dinner.
Have an excellent week,

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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  1. Dear Madeline ,

    I’m surprised, but we all thank you for your second sentence above. We will all take a rain check towards our next reply to you.

    And as to your second to last sentence and request for an invitation for dinner, I will be back in town next year on the week of October 4th. Pick an evening, and the location of your choice. We could also attend the stage show at my Hotel, the Plaza Pelicanos, which starts at 9:30 pm.

    One of the shows during my just past vacation on the evening of October 10th, featured a dance group of 8 that left for an engagement at Paris France, following their performance. It was spectacular. The women that is – the men were ok.

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