Editor’s Note

What a wild week! The rain, flooding and subsequent closing of the Rio Ameca bridges put a damper on our plans but not before we got to taste the all-you-can-eat chili at El Rio in support of the American Legion and its many beneficiaries.
Lots of great contestants showed up with an amazing variety of chili’s to sample. My personal fav was Casa Anita – probably because it tasted like home, but Nacho Daddy, No Way Jose and El Torito were delicious.
With four friends I had the opportunity to take part in the Great Vallarta Race, Vallarta’s newest attraction and based loosely on the popular Amazing Race television show.
We were three teams set loose in the city with a few pesos, a map and our wits. Our team, Los Cocos ( I was tired and can’t be witty under pressure) made up of Spanish speaking ‘locals’ had a distinct advantage but the two other teams were close behind.
We went from the Hotel Zone to the Romantic Zone and along the way (completing ten clues in total) we ate some grasshoppers, made a piñata and had a very interesting lesson on the history of the Huichol. Coming in at about four hours, it was a great way to learn about Puerto Vallarta and the history and culture we enjoy in the city. Geared more towards tourists than locals, it would be a super fun birthday or family reunion event.
Currently being run every Wednesday, the organizers – who are also responsible for the popular Vallarta Eat’s Tour, are planning a night version that brings you through the clubs and hot spots of Vallarta. More information at greatvallartarace.com
Over the past couple weeks we have been informally surveying readers and one of the most repeated comments was that you really enjoy our weekly crossword, but of course, we don’t have a crossword puzzle in the Tribune. So, in an effort to retain reader loyalty and to bring more readers on board, we are launching this week a new Games page with the Washington Post Sunday puzzle. That, combined with Sudoku should stave off the Alzheimers. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Rain, rain, go away to San Francisco as we need it here. Fourth year of drought. Water rates and rationing going up. Some times we do not know how lucky we are until we have to do without .

    Regarding your informal surveying of the Vallarta Tribune readers and their reply that they really enjoy the crossword puzzle … likely has Allyna Vineberg , Editor of the PV Mirror City Paper and former Editor of the Vallarta Tribune, smiling because the Mirror has the crossword puzzle and Sudoku.

    Successful businesses will check competition for best of business models, to keep ahead of competition. Your survey did just that. Editor Vineberg likely keeps an eye on the Vallarta Tribune and others for best of trade ideas. I had suggested a cartoon strip , or a single political comic box on their Editorial page, relating to the Editorial , but she apparently was not interested. Here in San Francisco, most of the newspapers have them.

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