Editor’s Note

There is not enough space this week , which is great because it means the paper is filled with much more interesting news that what I’ve been up to this past week. (I went out on a friends boat to Las Animas and did the Great Vallarta Race – which I’ll tell you all about next week!)
One of our very own, Noemi Zamora Reynoso, Director of the Vallarta Tribune and the Tribuna de la Bahia was awarded the woman of Distinction award last week during the City of Puerto Vallarta International Woman’s Day festivities. She works tirelessly to bring informative, balanced news to the readers of the finest newspapers in the bay and rightfully deserves the recognition.
Plenty of events going on around town, live entertainment continues to impress and the markets are immense in their near daily offerings.
You can spend well your money every day with the local artisans, caterers, bakers, farmers at the markets around the bay. If you haven’t been to the Thursday evening market in Marina Vallarta, I suggest you make some time. It has grown to be one of the largest and there are some excellent restaurants to grab dinner or a late drink after shopping.
The beaches are alive with spring breakers. Remember you were young(er) once too. As for myself, I think I’m going to Tepic this weekend. Might even drive the car. So watch out if you’re on Highway 200. The stalled out red Jetta is probably me.
Have a great week!


  1. Regarding the spring breakers, we have enough youth … what we need is a fountain of smart. It is like they can tell if they are drunk if they can lie on the floor without holding on.

    Regarding awards and our Editor of the Vallarta Tribune, let us hear about your rewards as Editor, and for the MexiGo Magazine and all the ExPats brought to Puerto Vallarta from Canada over the years.

  2. If you can remember the popular oldie but great song “I Got the Tigre by the Tail” … it must be like a free newspaper that is without any cost or payment to the reader, and free to all. Then there is the volunteer who offers their services for free. However for management, it is like having the Tigre’s claws into your operating budget. Another free from the government, is the mandated minimum wage laws that help to bring in additional taxes on income, that Mexico has just increased.

    The San Francisco Examiner is another free newspaper. I see that here is a large turnover of management and columnist. With the recent increase in minimum wages in the states, a lot of people are loosing their jobs and businesses. In San Francisco bookstores, restaurants and bars are closing or laying off workers. In Oakland across the bay, it is the childcare services that cannot afford the increased minimum wages. In Seattle Washington the large and long established restaurants that are closing in record numbers.

    Wages across America for the non-unionized private service worker are going down, and like the retired workers, these persons have to learn to live on less. Regarding the government services, they are calling for volunteer workers because government doesn’t have the money . This is not the time for asking for raises, but working to keep your jobs.

    It is like the cartoon during the Bill Clinton presidency where he had provided so many new jobs, the cartoon character said that of the millions of new jobs , he had six of them.

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