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This week there’s not much space as we are filled up with so many great stories, events and wonderful advertisers. And to be honest I’ve been pretty low-key this past week. Doing laundry and catching up on assignments after my whirlwind tour of Veracruz, so I made the space smaller.
First a quick apology. Last week I was either on a plane, bus, with a dead iphone or out of range for most of Tuesday and as a result were a few things were out of wack in the paper. I apologize. I wouldn’t normally travel on production day but this time it couldn’t be helped. I’ll try to never do it again!
The plan is to stick close to home over the next few months. I have tentative trips planned to Riviera Maya and Ixtapa, but mostly I’ll be exploring in my back yard. We recently bought a new (to us) car and the freedom to head out of town or even just to the further away beaches is so great – snorkeling in Conchas Chinas is now a thing I can do with little effort.
Funny story though, I can’t drive it. It’s a standard and I’ve never learned how to drive standard. So for now I’m being chauffeured around. The reasoning was that standards are the norm here and it’s high time I learn how to do it. Of course living at the top of 5 de Deceimbre is making the desire to learn how to shift on steep hills diminish.
If you see a little red Jetta stalled out, it’s probably me. Please give me a wave of encouragement.
Now that we’re mobile plans are in the works for overnight trips down south.
Mayto Beach, Melaque, and perhaps a rancho outside of Tomatlan in the next few weeks. I’ll report back on some (hopefully) great get-aways in the area. If you have any overnight road trip suggestions, please pass them on.
If you are quite content here in town, there is (as always) plenty going on including the Puerto Vallarta’s Garden Club annual fundraising event tonight, the International Regatta out of Nuevo Vallarta all weekend, and the San Pancho Music Festival starts on the 28th to the 2nd. In its 14th year this free three-day musical extravaganza features many of your favourite local bands and artists and many more that come from around the world specifically for the festival.
And since there are few hills from here to San Pancho, just maybe you’ll see me and the little red car that can there.
Have a great weekend everyone,

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  1. Hills , cars and a stick shift standard transmission brings back memories. I had just purchased a 2 year old 1949 Cheve Club Coup with a stick shift. My high school sweetheart wanted to learn to drive … we were both 16 or 17 years old. So in my new car, I showed her how to drive a stick shift, and when she got good in the large empty parking areas, she graduated to the open road. Later I had her drive to one of the steepest streets in San Francisco , California Street, we went up the hill. Near the top, the car in front of us stopped. Loretta froze, the clutch slipped while she shifted, the car rolled backwards into the car behind us. Yes my car had a dent in the rear fender. I did not feel bad, because when someone makes a mistake, you own them. Yes, we got married some three years later.

    Most of my/our cars have been stick shift. I like the manual transmissions since it gives you greater control, greater gas millage, and lower maintenance costs , and Loretta likes the automatics. With the stick shift, and during the days of high priced gasoline, Loretta would at the top of a hill, shift into neutral and coast down to save gas. You cannot do that with an automatic transmission. We no longer have cars with manual transmissions , all three are automatics. My two cars include a 1972 Lincoln Continental Sport Coupe, and a 1984 Cadillac Eldorado continental sport coupe., both with low millage as they were show cars.

    Happy trails to you … until you have to shift on hills !

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