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You know when the world conspires against you? I’m a procrastinator. It’s just the way I am (and those around me need to know it and accept it). For months now I’ve been stock piling little odd jobs and craft projects in the vain attempt to get my new house fixed up. (We moved in September, so you can see my problem.) After many guests, travel, crazy deadlines, I figured this would be the weekend to bang some of these things out. A car ride to Home Depot, over to Costco, visit the local craft store, paint in hand, and then the skies open up. There will be no painting the ugly garden wall, hanging the outdoor decorations. No planting of the rose bushes, in fact there will be little done this weekend.
Vallarta doesn’t have many options when the weather doesn’t play nice. Movies at the local theaters are an option but the selection is thin. Shopping can be a good way to kill a day but since I JUST came back from the states I’m all shopped out. So, you know what I did? I got on Pinterest. I went down the rabbit hole. And came back up with a million more projects including painting a mural, making pompoms, learning how to crochet hearts, valentine’s card ideas, wedding ideas, beaded jewelry, painted glass. I many never come out from under this list of crafty things to do.
Today is sunny again in our newly washed corner of paradise. Everything looks so green and shiny. It’s impressive even after all these seasons here. Hopefully the tourists in town can forgive the down pouring and see how important the water is to keep our mountain jungles vibrant. And since I missed the beach for the past couple weeks, I guess I’ll be there this weekend. Craft projects will just have to wait.
Lots going on in town, out of town. This weekend kicks off the Holy ‘month’ of Guayabitos with Saturday concerts in the main plaza. If you are looking for an easy weekend out of town, this little fishing village is a charming place to enjoy a very affordable holiday. Don’t bother with reservations, just head there early and check out the hotels along the beach. For about $600 pesos you will find a comfortable room within a couple blocks of the beach. There are plenty of restaurants and of course the seafood is freshly caught off the beach. The drive is stunning. Through the jungles around Sayulita and then it opens up to pastoral lands and orchards of mango. Truly spectacular.
Get out and enjoy yourself.


  1. Poco-o-poco! I find the best way to take on projects is do a little bit as the spirit moves you. Taking it on in a big junk either doesn’t happen or wears me out! YOU go girl! xx

  2. Wedding ideas!? Great thoughts on Saint Valentine’s Day … however weddings usually wait until the month of June.

    Well, from the city of Saint Francis, I extend to you my respect, love and friendship on this year’s Saint Valentine’s Day and always. If all men everywhere could do this to women everywhere, this perceived Man’s world would be a lot safer place for women who often are just in need of a sincere hug and assurance.

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