Editor’s Note

This past week I spent in central Texas visiting family and partaking in the forgotten joys of Americana; mostly food related but also giant shopping malls and so many commercials on television. I have eaten and shopped my way through Texas and am crafting this missive from the bus station in Guadalajara while I wait for the awesomeness that is the 4:30 ETN bus. If you haven’t you should take some time to travel by bus in this country. There are different classes but the first class bus is akin to my snuggling into my dad’s lazy boy and watching movies. It’s a smooth ride with hardwood flooring, movies and wifi. All you’d need is a fireplace and a cup of cocoa.
So my editorial this week is just a quick note to say hello. It would figure that the week I work from afar is the same week we have a million announcements, articles and ads (thank you everyone!!) so I apologize if things aren’t quite perfect. I proofed the paper this week on my iPhone which made me car sick.
So if I missed a couple of commas or funny paragraph breaks, forgive me.
As you read the paper this week please note the myriad of events going on. It’s what so many of us wait for year round and then it’s here and gone again so quickly.
Get out and support local businesses and the many live acts around town so that they’re here again next year. Thank you for your ongoing support of the Tribune. You’re great!
And if I cared about these things I’d say… Go Seahawks!


  1. Go Seahawks !?! What about the Patriots who have been picked by a most elaborate computer sports program to win by just a couple of points ? But then, the computer models for global warming highlighted the problem with garbage in and garbage out. And then the weather reports for 3 foot of snow in New York City where people were told to stay in their homes , the schools were shut down, businesses closed and the city spent some $100 million and all they got was 8 inches of snow, and the Mayor saying that it was better to be safe than sorry. Kind of like the U.N agenda 21 and taxing of CO2 gas.

    But really, whose side is God on anyway when it comes to a football game?

  2. Madeline … I hope you did not bet you life on the Seahawks, like you may have in becoming an ExPat in Mexico , but then, all your Vallarta Tribune readers have won with you as Editor.

    I only make gentleman bets, and perhaps your Seahawks was also a ladies bet. It looks like the special game winning predicting computer program was a winner also.

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