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It’s been a couple weeks of visitors and deadlines. I haven’t had a chance to get out much lately, being tied to my computer trying to get the next issue of Mexi-Go! magazine out the door. Tomorrow I leave for a week in Texas visiting family and in typical Mexico-mind fashion I completely spaced my actual travel dates. I just made up some random date in my head and have been basing my plans off of it ever since. Turns out I leave on the 22nd not the 27th. My mother recently did this on her return to Canada- arriving at the airport late but was able to change flights and not be penalized, (yeah! Alaska Airlines) so maybe it’s hereditary.
I had hoped I would have a tan as there isn’t anything quite as satisfying as heading north with an enviable tan, but I guess I will pretend I’m above it all and I avoid the sun now because ‘it’s bad for my skin’. Pffft. How I envy my friends who are here on vacation and the wonderful things they get to do with all their free time!
• Like hit the Sayulita Festival last weekend for a three-day bender of food, booze, music, surf and great times. I had all-access passes but… you know. From all accounts it was an excellent weekend. I hope that the organizers found some success and are up to doing it again for 2016.
• Or we could all head to Bucerias Saint’s Days which are wrapping up this weekend. The streets are filled with carnival games, the plaza has music and shows each night. There are plenty of fireworks and rockets in case you didn’t get enough over Christmas.
• Or you could spend a couple days chilling on Mayto Beach with just you and the baby turtles at the turtle hatchery along this pristine 12km beach.
• Or you could go see a bunch of great shows at The Red Room, The Main Stage or The Palm and support local theater – perhaps stopping off at one of the neighbouring restaurants for a pre-show dinner and wrapping it all up with an after-show cocktail at Encore.
• Or maybe a day on the open sea; whale watching, snorkeling, catching some sun from the prow of a sailboat.
Ah, well. I can dream. For now I’m heading north to the land of giant shopping malls with their 75% off sales, 300 thread count sheets, electronics for half the price, shoes that fit! I bet a couple of you wish you could come along.
Have a great week – get out and support our local businesses. Enjoy all that Vallarta and the Bay of Banderas has to offer.

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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  1. A safe trip to you Madeline in Texas, and a speedy return to the land of butterflies and beautiful women.

    You reminded me of a vacation to Puerto Vallarta where we arrived one week early, as were told at the hotel check in counter that we were not expected for another week. We had to contact RCI for an exchange week from our California Timeshare at Mountain Retreat in the Sierra Mountains. No problem, and it is always good to have a backup plan in case of situations like this. Saying four weeks instead of three caused us some problems at my work, and with our flight tickets a week later out of PV, but it was long ago and their were no problems with the airlines.

    Avoiding too much sunshine? I was a tennis teaching Pro and played in tennis tournaments for over 15 years and spent much of my time out on the tennis courts … plus I never used sun glasses. Recent reports are that women who spend all their time indoors out of the sun, get more skin cancer than those who spend entire days out in the sun. It has to do with the skin manufacturing vitamin D3. Most people are deficient in D3 for good health.

    Winter now in San Francisco, and I am getting a good suntan sitting on my on my front porch in sunny and warm weather … while in Vancouver Canada the populace are hearing loud explosions from the cracking ice due to the extreme cold.

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