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BACK TO SCHOOL! It brings a sigh of relief, as I know my son will cut his video game playing, youtube watching and minecrafting down to a couple of hours a day. School will (hopefully) force him to restart his brain for more noble pursuits.
It also means I have to get up before the sun, which on my schedule has never been my favourite time to wake. But, arising before the burning ball of gas in the sky has a chance to scorch the air outside my home, provides me with the opportunity to walk the dogs along the river with a cool breeze teasing me. (Apparently today is 33c but feels like 38c and tomorrow feels like 40c…). It allows my puffy, red eyes a chance to spy early morning birds, butterflies and my neighbours, who would otherwise be ensconced in their air conditioned homes. There is something magical about walking along the river, listening to the morning birdsong, and the sounds of the city starting anew. The air smells tropically fresh and the hills behind my house glow green from the evening’s moisture.
My mother has been visiting us and she is an avid naturalist who has dragged my begrudging butt out exploring the wonders of bugs and birds since I was a very small girl. A little older now, I have a greater appreciation for the plants and animals of my adopted world.
While hiking around Colonia Vista Hermosa yesterday we spotted a field filled with literally thousands of butterflies which was pretty amazing.
Since I have the platform, and my mother does (just about) anything I ask of her, we are going to run a series on local butterflies each week in the Tribune. Mexico has spectacular biodiversity and the Bay of Banderas is home to a significant portion of the world’s butterflies. September is prime butterfly spotting season and hopefully this little column will give you pause the next time you are out and about.
P.S. Butterflies are dependent on weather conditions to fly, at this time of year they are usually beginning to be active around 10am, a perfectly reasonable time to be out exploring. Happy lepping, as my mom would say!
Madeline Milne

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  1. Hi Madeline,

    Your editorial subject was a boy, and butterflies. As a boy I saw swarms of Monarch butterflies at the parks in San Francisco. The past number of years, I have seen but one at a time in my front and back yards. This year, several weeks ago, I saw one male Monarch butterfly – It is the female that has all the spots on their wings, the males mostly solid black.

    Regarding your boy ( apparently the man of the house?) hard work builds character. I do not ever remember not working as a boy, since I did not receive an allowance. Yes a monetary award for good grades, and a coin under my pillow for lost teeth.

    My hobbies were my early source of spending money, like breeding and selling tropical fish from tanks on my bedroom wall. Newspaper route at 7 years old. Summer Lemonade stands at 8 & 9, Then paying jobs in the middle and high school ( yes I had to get up at 3:30 am in the morning to work 4 hours before going to high school). Left home on my own at 15, Engineering job at PG&E at 18, And founded my own Professional Corporation at 39.

    Same with my three daughter. They worked paying jobs at a printers shop during summer vacations, the phone company and a jewelry store for their spending money since they did not get an allowance. Like their mom and dad, school was very important, and top grades were expected.

    My 4 grandsons, the oldest just turned 26, have mostly never had jobs, and when they obtained one, it did not last long. Although we had to take then in, they have not developed character, and are lazy. It is all about cars, and crashing them. My daughters were not permitted to drive our cars, and had to get a job to purchase their own.

    Today they are all with children, and live in $1 million homes.

    School and learning are lifetime requirements, and must be undertaken with maximum focus and accomplishment. Strive to be the best in class, in all you do, as a minimum. This is how to develop character, and get all that you want in life .

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