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Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Assorted Fruits and Vegetables on opening night. The play was fantastic. Very funny, moved at a fast pace and had some great break/out scenes including Marcia Blondin doing a rap in a sideways hat and pants. If you know Marcia, this is aready funny.
Last year I saw half a dozen live performances, some better than others, but all were what you would expect with local community theater and no budgets. Assorted Fruits and Vegetables was a pleasant surprise and indicative of the quality of production we can attain here in Vallarta. Hopefully it is a sign of things to come. The show runs until November 22nd on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Act II Entertainment’s Main Stage. NOTE: If you are sensitive to air con, bring a sweater or sit on the far right side of the theater.
This weekend we have a free two day, Art Festival of Nayarit featuring local artists including latin music and many forms of dance. Friday night at 7pm its at the plaza in Sayulita and Saturday night at the marina in Nuevo Vallarta. The idea is to showcase the different types of art and entertainment you can enjoy in Nayarit. It’s an excellent initiative and hopefully one that takes off.
Events are starting to stack up with lots of options for just about every day and night in December. Keep an eye on our Events page at the back of the paper to see what’s going on across the bay and if you have an event you’d like to promote, please send me an email and we’ll gladly publish it. Deadline is Tuesdays for the following Friday-Friday publication.
Plenty to do this weekend. My mom’s coming for a last minute visit so I’ll be busy cleaning my house. If I get a chance, hopefully I’ll see you at the markets this weekend. Be sure to check out the new market (reincarnation of sorts of the old co-op market at the Paradise Community Centre) at Venustiano Carranaza 466 between Naranjo and Jacarandas streets in Colonia Emiliano Zapata (Old Town).

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  1. During my September 31 thru October 13 vacation in Puerto Vallarta, I had several occasions to meet and spend time visiting with Marcia, at which time I heard stories regarding the play … and our get-togethers interrupted by her demanding rehearsal schedule .

    It was nice to hear your account of Marcia’s performance and contribution to the successful play.

    Although I have not performed as an actor in a stage play, I have performed on a number of stages with my guitar, and once sang on a live radio music program. I remember all those years I had to practice as I learned to play my guitar, and the semesters at a local college for voice training, plus the time memorizing all the songs that I sang.

    Good job Marcia !

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