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It continues to heat up around town, though the weather is cooling down – thank goodness! This past weekend I joined some friends on a dry run for a new tour being offered by Making Waves – the jet-ski business out of Mismaloya. We started at about 10 am and jet skied from Los Arcos to Majahuitas beach with stops at Boca de Tomatlan, the little beach by Ocean Grill and Majahuitas for a 30 minute snorkel in what are arguably the best fish watching waters in the bay.
On the trip back we passed by a pod of dolphins that appeared to number in the dozens, jumping out of the water and playfully splashing around. When we reached dry land about 2-2.5 hours later, a couple of cold ones along with ceviche, guacamole and quesadillas quenched our thirst and satiated our hunger.
As residents of the bay, most of us were very familiar with where we were going and what we were doing, but even so it was a great reminder about how gorgeous and rich with wildlife this bay is, especially in rainy season when everything is that much more lush. So, whether you live here year-round or are on holidays, this tour is an exciting but easy way to spend the day and a great excuse to take a voyeuristic peek into the homes of the rich and (in)famous along the ritzy southshore.
In other news, we have a great article by long-time resident Frank K. Meyer on the history of one of the area’s most deserving charities, Pasitos de luz. This is a two-parter so be sure to check back next week for the second half. Coming next week we also have Sandra Cesca back with her series on local plants and we have a few more new and returning contributors coming on board as well.
The Markets are almost open, with all of them coming online in the next two weeks. From Lo de Marcos to Old Town, we have so many opportunities to spend our dollars on locally produced foods, crafts, art, beauty and health products. Of special note: “The Saturday Market formerly at the Paradise Community Center, then Coco’s Kitchen, will reopen November 6th with a brand new name and space. Times, location and all the celebratory good news will be in next week’s Tribune.” Look for Marcia’s usual Market column.
Here at the Tribune we wish the many dedicated vendors from all the various markets much success and we strongly encourage you to get out and support the people who are committed to creating such beauty in all its forms.
In addition to the markets, all of our live theaters are back producing more fabulous shows. Of particular interest is the reincarnation of the Boutique Theater in the upstairs at Nacho Daddy’s on Basilio Badillo. They had untold troubles with shady landlords last year and we wish them great success this year in their new location. On a sad note, the Paradise Community Centre has shut its doors due to another unscrupulous landlord. It is uncertain at this time what will happen to the Paradise Stage and the church but it has been confirmed that the Saturday Co-Op Market will cease to exist. This is a huge blow to the Olas Altas area businesses and residents. If you are in the neighbourhood please remember to support the wonderful restaurants that are along Calle Pulpito during this difficult time. Coco’s Kitchen, Maia and Pulpito 116 are all excellent establishments.
Plenty going on this week. Personally I’m off to visit the birthplace of Mexico as we know it, or so the story goes. Details next week.

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  1. After leaving the tourist city of Puerto Vallarta By -The -Bay with my newly found treasures at flea markets and other various shopping areas, I returned to my home tourist city By-The – Bay San Francisco just in time to watch the baseball World Series, which of course the San Francisco Giants won for the third time in the past five years, this time in seven games.

    Under drought conditions this past three plus years and under water rationing, unlike Puerto Vallarta in the Summertime although it was sunny during my two weeks, San Francisco put on a massive noontime parade on October 31 down Market Street to the Civic Center with some 4,500 pounds of confetti, and of course … it was the one day it rained.

    But a little bit of Mexico was involved in the Giants win, for their third baseman who caught the last fly ball that won them the championship, Pablo Sandoval – the Panda – was obtained by the Giants from the Oaxaca Warriors , a baseball team in Oaxaca , Mexico.

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