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And we’re off.
This past weekend I attended the first Canvas and Wine of the season. This newly offered evening of, you got it, painting and all-you-can-drink wine was held at the Spanish Experience on Calle Republica de Chile with Karen and Licia of Pitayo, an art and therapy workshop. A group of us met there at 7:30, had our choice of red or white and painted masterpieces loosly based on the style of Kandinsky.
I don’t know about the rest of them, but mine definitely looked better after a couple glasses, in the dark. Ultimately it was so much fun and not at all about the finished product. There are a number of Canvas and Wine events lined up – you can get more information on their facebook at facebook.com/pitayoarteypsicologia
Embracing your creativity, even if it’s not the most polished is a great way to record your experiences which is why the Tribune now has over 20 contributors. A recent call for writers brought another half-a-dozen Hemmingway’s to our roster. I know I’m excited to see what tales are spun on the pages of the Tribune this season.
In no particular order here are many of our contributors:

Tribune Contributors Fall 2014/2015
Leza Warkentin – Parenting in Paradise Weekly, Janet Gonzales – PV SPCA, Marcia Blondin –Perceptions of Art, Erin Staley – Old Town Farmers Market , Cat Morgan – Fun in Riv Nay, Ariel O’Donnell – Real Estate, Kathleen Phelps – Tales to Tell, Terry Connell, Pancho Davalos – Wandering Olas Altas, Marcella Castellanos – Healthy living, Robin Avery –Financial markets, Frank Meyer – Exploring charity, Cindy Bouchard – Life in La Cruz, Molly Williams – Visiting Vallarta, Maria and Minerva Zamora – Banderas Bay Initiative, Gary R. Beck – Restaurant Reviews, Lois Elison – Life in Vallarta, Marianne Menditto – Art and Culture, Barbara Peters –Vallarta Shopping Directory and Joel Hansen – Sports
Please join me in welcoming them (again). As much as you like to receive words of encouragement or constructive suggestions, so do we. Feel free to write letters to me at Editor@vallartatribune.com or reach out directly to your favourite contributors. Acknowledgement is always appreciated.
Have a great week. Safe travels,

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.


  1. Earnest Hemmingway holds a special place in my home my painting gallery , for at the top of the stairs is hung a painting of Hemmingway by the American painter Waldo Pierce 1884-1970 , who painted a full frontal view of his fishing partner at his home studio in Arizona, some two years before Hemmingway committed suicide with a shotgun in 1961, and some 5 years after Hemmingway received a Nobel Prize in literature in 1954.

    This unframed painting was purchased in the San Francisco flea marked from a relative that had cleaned out the house attic in San Francisco. On the back of the painting was Hemmingway’s signature, and the penciled writing of a birthday letter to his niece , that was later sent to her, and later sold at action in another relatives home in Marin County.

    Hemmingway never liked this painting of himself because it made him look old and frail, so it was never framed , displayed or sold before. An earlier paintin of Hemmingway by Waldo Pierce entitled “Kid Balzac” is located in the Earnest Hemmingway Research Room, in the John Fitzgerald Kennedy Library located at Columbia Point, Boston Massachusetts. The painting was donated by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in 1980, from the Onassis painting collection.

    A virtual tour of the Hemmingway Research Room may be made via http://www.jfklibrary.org/eh_tour_room.html . I have a Certificate of Authority in 2004 from Mark Winter of Fine Art & Antique Appraiser of Orlando Beach Florida , the location of the annual Earnest Hemmingway Festival .

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