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I flew back into Vallarta last night and, man are my arms tired. And my brain. And my sense of humour.
This week has a full paper for you with a couple new contributors gracing our pages. I shook a few trees and found some great information for you to enjoy.
Marcella Castellanos is writing bi-weekly about healthy living in Mexico with her column, Wellness Latina. Marcella is a certified Health Coach in Vallarta and will share her experiences navigating the sugar- filled delicious pit-falls of life in Mexico.
RL Avery bumped into me at an event a while back and told me how I influenced him to travel to Los Guachamontones, the circular pyramids about 1.5 hours south of Guadalajara. So when he reached out to me to offer his take on the stock markets, I thought, “Of course! Something I always wish I knew more about,” and now we can, together.
We also have another ‘almost’ new contributor, Kathleen Phelps who is writing her column Tales to Tell this week about long-time resident Frank K. Meyer who was a dentist to the stars. Kathleen is looking for juicy tales either attributed or anonymous that highlight just how diverse are the people of Vallarta. If you have a story to share, contact Kathleen at kphelps1948@gmail.com
In the next few weeks you will see the return of some of our previous winter season contributors, some more new contributors and lots more local information as the winter season kicks-off.
I am so happy to be here with all of you this season, my fourth in Mexico. I look forward to plenty of gallery openings, fundraisers, restaurant launches, live entertainment and sooooooo much more. If you have upcoming events you’d like to publicize please send us an announcement, we would be pleased to share it with our readers.
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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.


  1. Madeline,

    I was so happy to receive your e-mail when I got home to San Francisco from Puerto Vallarta which said that that you were sorry to have missed me as you would liked to have spent some time in meeting with me when I was in PV … well, again, there is always next year at the same tine.

    Although I am not a resident of PV, however I have a short story regarding a famous world top woman singles tennis player … Billie Jean King. I met her at the home of Daisy Casals, cousin of Rosemary Casals, Billie Jeans woman’s doubles partner – following a Virginia Slims Professional Tennis Tournament. where Billie Jean had just won the women’s singles and doubles. She was also number one in women’s doubles with Rosemary Casals.

    Billie Jean was sitting on the kitchen sink with a room full of people when I walked in, and introduced myself. I asked why she was sitting on the kitchen sink when greeting people, and her answer was that her legs hurt her so much, that she was unable to stand or walk around .

    Billie and Rose attended one of my tennis tournaments to take pictures of some of our players for publicity of their company Tennis America, one of the locations of a number of our amateur tennis tournaments at Lake Tahoe. The evening that Billie and Rosemary were scheduled to fly to Florida to play Chris Everett the next day in another Virginia Slims Professional Tennis Tournament, Daisy , Billie, Rosemary , Loretta and I went bowling at one of the blowing alleys where I was running a bowling tournament .

    I will never forget looking back from the bowling lanes to see the crowd of people watching Billie and Rose bowling with us. I had the pleasure of visiting Billie Jean and husband Larry King in their home in Watergate on the Oakland side of the Bay, when they were in town and not off on another tennis tournament .

  2. (Cont’d from above)

    I should have given a date to my post above. It was a time during the late 1960s into the early 1970s.

    The date is critical for you see the Casals were from a wealthy family in San Salvador. One weekend Daisy invited me to the residence of her Father, or perhaps grandfather, Pablo Casals. When I was introduced to Pablo … I was asked if I played pool, and would I like to play a game. Since I also had a pool table in my downstairs social hall at home , and I agreed to play him.

    I was ask to break, and when breaking, not one ball went into a hole. Pablo Casals proceeded to run the table, and I never got another shot in that game. In looking back, Daisy was sweet on me and Pablo was testing me and my skills. I never did well in pool, but I made my name in tennis.

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