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Now that summer is officially over it seems as though we can assume that fall can’t be far behind. Back in May and June I was fairly certain we would never see the end of the heat. But here we are end of September (how did that happen so fast?) and the mornings are definitely a little cooler. I’ll even admit to sleeping with a sheet again. It’s heavenly.
Here at the Tribune things are picking up. We have a couple new contributors in the coming weeks. This week we have Marcella Castellanos a certified Health & Wellness Coach, who this week gives us an excuse to indulge in one of Mexico’s greatest contributions to society, chocolate. Marcella will be writing bi-weekly for the time being on healthy living in Mexico. Something many of us could probably use more of… I’m not sure she’ll agree but I think what she’s saying is you can have another margarita, if you eat more chocolate.
We also have Kathleen Phelps back with another Tale to Tell. Many of our residents and visitors here in Banderas Bay have fascinating ‘tales to tell’ about their lives before Mexico. I’ve always said that it takes a certain type of person to uproot and call another country or culture home; adventurous of course but also intelligent, open-minded and enthusiastic along with stubborn, opinionated and generous. For without these qualities, most of us would be chewed up and sent packing back where we came from. (Or perhaps it’s these qualities that sent us packing from home in the first place.)
Speaking about packing, I’m heading to Vancouver, Canada tomorrow and haven’t even started to pack, though I did buy some close-toed shoes last week. I am determined to pack next to nothing and to buy up all the fantastic end of summer sale items I can find. I’m also going to stack up on Twizzlers, Smarties and Ketchup chips. I wonder if eating more chocolate will cancel out those calories. If you are worried about next week’s Tribune, don’t be. Through the power of the internet we will get next week’s copy to you same as always.
Here at the Tribune we are looking for a couple new contributors. We have space for 2-3 new columns this winter season. If you can commit to weekly or bi-weekly and you have a topic that is interesting and relevant for those of us who live and travel to Banderas Bay, please give me a shout and we can discuss your ideas. Email editor@vallartatribune.com We also welcome articles, photos and announcements (for non-profit/fundraising events). Deadline to be published in the Friday paper is Tuesday at 5pm. There is no guarantee we can publish everything but we’ll do our best.
Please enjoy this week’s paper and if you have comments or suggestions you can always share with me.
Have a great week.

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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  1. As I read your Editor’s notes, it is raining in Vancouver, Canada. No , I am not there now, but back in 1962 I was and the weather was bright and sunny, thank you. Reading “‘ The Power of Chocolate ” by the certified Health and Wellness Coach Marcella Castellanous, which starts by asking who doesn’t have a love affair with chocolate, perhaps she must not be thinking of pet dogs that will die if they consume more than a small amount. But then Emperor Moctezuma II consumed more than 60 portions of whipped chocolate each day, while the nobles of his court consumed some 2,000 daily.

    Myself … I never touch chocolate for health reasons, however I can remember in my youth drinking chocolate milk after a long bike ride to rid myself of pains in my chest.

    Health wise , the “sweating” of the chocolate as it ferments in separating the thick pulp from the seeds, produces alcohol ; and the beans contain Alkaloids, Caffeine , Threobromine , Theophylline, Anandamide, and Phenethylamine . Many persons avoid certain of these items.

    Then there was the giant study in America which lists the most dangerous drugs in decending order of damage to health and well being … and guess what? Yes number one on the list was alcohol. It may not kill as fast as the second on the list, but of all the drugs listed that people take, it has the worst overall effect on the person and the people around them.

    Poisons like alcohol and Caffeine ( both carcogenic) and other substances are produced in fruits , seeds and vegetation to ward off or attract animals to aid in their seed distribution, or prevent them from being eaten.

    Good shopping till you drop in Vancouver, and hurry back.

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