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Viva Mexico!

What a weekend! So much going on and the added excitement of potential hurricane weather made this weekend seem extra-long. Having just moved into a new place with total ocean views, I was excited to see the storm come in but alas it wasn’t to be and the first few days in Casa Madeline were mostly boring grey skies.
I’m not complaining because everywhere around us from the south to the north to the west were savagely hit by hurricane Odile. (If my name was Odile I might be angry too….)
Our sister paper in Los Cabos sustained serious damages to their offices. At this time they remain without electricity, internet and water.
There are over 22,000 people affected in the Los Cabos area alone. We wish them a speedy recovery and are thankful that no one was seriously injured. There are many drop off points where you can donate items and money that are sorely needed to help the people affected by the hurricane.
In my travels from one end of the city to the other these past few weeks I have come to realize most of the major roads have been resurfaced. It could just be the city was listening to my complaints and mapped out my daily route with new asphalt but I feel that much of Vallarta and its colonias have recently been repaved.
How nice it is to scoot along without worrying of hitting an unmarked pothole – of course the refreshed topes are now inches taller – but Rome wasn’t built in a day…
On a much more superficial level I’m heading to Canada in a couple weeks and in the midst of sorting and packing for my move/travels I realized that I no longer own shoes. I have flip-flops in many colours, sandals embellished with all sorts of sparkly baubles but I don’t have close-toed shoes – unless you count my sneakers which I only wear hiking or at the gym (ha!) or those divine five inch stiletto heels, which I never wear outside of my bedroom.
So, like the good little consumer that I am, I bought my first pair of sensible close toed shoes in about three years.
What is amusing about this is that my new shoes have hundreds of tiny holes in them and will most decidedly not keep the rain (or lord forbid, snow) out.
It remains quiet in town, though the masses were certainly out for independencia. Please support your local businesses, tip your waiters and waitresses generously and where possible give back.
These are lean times for much of the service industry staff. And if you have the resources, please consider donating to the rescue efforts in Los Cabos.
Have a great weekend everyone. And one more time – Viva Mexico!

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