Editor’s Note

The reopening of the beach, La Lancha, near Punta de Mita, is a perfect occasion to celebrate the beaches of Banderas Bay and our freedom to enjoy every one of them.

Banderas Bay boasts over 100 kilometers (60 miles) of shoreline from the old lighthouse at the point of Cabo Corrientes to the westernmost tip of Punta de Mita — and beautiful sandy beaches line much of this stunning coast! Additionally, from the tip of Punta de Mita to San Pancho is over 30 kilometers (20 miles) of more shoreline for us to explore. While these shores are technically beyond the Bay in the strictest of geographic terms, this coastline is easily accessible from Puerto Vallarta, and those who live there are inextricably part of our greater community.

The great liberty of access to every beach in the country should be met with great responsibility. To protect the priceless value of our natural areas and our incredible wildlife that depend on these areas most directly, beach visitors should tread lightly on the land, become conscious of the fragile ecosystems of these areas (marine, littoral, estuary…), and pack out any trash they encounter, both theirs and others. In much of the world, the tragedy of the commons is becoming ever too common, but we have the power to both conserve paradise and enjoy it to the full.

Saludos Tropicales,
Neil Gerlowski
Editor, Vallarta Tribune


Photo Credit: Colectivo Playas Libres