Editor’s Note

Octoberfest. Definitely not a Spanish word, yet it fits in just fine in Puerto Vallarta parlance. While September brings us the “Grito de Independencia” and all the patriotic charm of its associated festivities, this is also notoriously the annual slump month for tourism. Many business owners use this as a time to take over-due vacations or work out repairs that they’ve been saving for a rainy day.
Now that I’ve brought up rainy days, of which we’ve had our fill lately, our brush this week with Hurricane Lorena left the region happily unscathed, but kept many people indoors and businesses closed for a solid day of rain. One of the places where the rains from high in the sierras were especially well evidenced down at sea level was in Boca de Tomatlán whose residents saw their town’s pedestrian bridge temporarily rendered impassable in the wake of the passing storm.
Hurricanes like Lorena provide forceful reminders of the importance of our bay’s natural defense system of mountains, forests, and estuaries to shelter us from the full fury of nature and mitigate the impacts of big storms when they do hit. Andrés Martínez, a guest columnist this week, wrote an excellent overview of the functions of these natural ecosystems right here at a local level, and implores us to protect these wild areas for a prosperous future.
But moving on from storms for a moment and back to the passing of months and reasons to be festive, many Vallartenses have been eagerly anticipating October. Those who don’t find enough work with gainful wages in September begrudgingly refer to this outgoing month as “Septi-hambre” —a play on words eluding to failure to put enough food on the table. October, on the other hand, means a sure and steady return of visitors and the blessings of a prosperous autumn and winter season.
While those in more northerly latitudes are already bundling up and some are even stocking vehicles with snow scrapers (just in case), we in Puerto Vallarta won’t see our big break in the weather for about another month. But that’s no excuse to not celebrate our month of October like our friends up north do—with tasty seasonal beers!
Two of our columnists covered local establishments beckoning us to imbibe with friends and fall flavors—from the shores of Ireland and the British Isles to a new craft brewery in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. But there’s no shortage of great options for us to put down a few pints from our pioneering Los Muertos Brewing in downtown Puerto Vallarta to a trip several miles north beyond the bay to the Cerveceria Artesanal San Pancho, so choose a few to visit this month and invite some amigos to join you.
¡Salud! Prost, Santé,
Nazdarovya, Cheers!
Neil Gerlowski