Editor’s Note

I have to start my interim-editor-speak with a shout out to Gary Beck for two things: the first, his delicious article on Chiles en Nogada the epitome of Traditional Mexican Food highlighted in restaurants all over the Republic in September. Secondly, for introducing me to Jennifer Mann from Kansas. You can read her interesting new column – called “Starting over in Vallarta” – on page 9. Her words will give a few women just the right amount of gentle push to do what they think they might want to do. New this issue as well is Doctor Martin Rosenberg whose Insight column speaks of art in Mexico and Poland. Marty is the Director of Posters International Gallery here in Vallarta: Welcome to the Tribune Jennifer and Marty.
So much fun happening this coming weekend – the Charro parade starts Saturday, the 14th around 11 am. Find a spot on the Malecon and be prepared for lots and lots of horses. They are all beauties, combed, brushed, braided, spit-shined, and they know how to strut their stuff. One command from a Charro’s simple movement and the horse will stop and slowly rise up as majestic as Pegasus. And they dance wonderfully to mariachi or to whatever tune their ride wants them to do. Masters at their crafts: man and horse meld into one.
And then come the women with gowns covering most of their horses, riding side-saddle, of course. Beauty and grace; proud to ride with their particular association; these women train almost as hard as the men.
The Charro tradition is passed down from one generation to the next, and they start learning the craft by age three. Look for them – tiny boys on gigantic horses, dressed just like papa, look too, for the stout rope holding them firmly in place on the wooden saddles. This is the best parade in Mexico!
On Sunday at 10am, Christ Church by the Sea is welcoming everyone to a Mariachi Mass in English to celebrate Mexico’s Independence Day. You will find them in Plaza Genovesa in the Hotel Zone.
Sunday night at 11 in Vallarta’s Main Plaza, is the traditional Grito. It happens all over Mexico with the mayor reciting the incendiary words of Father Hidalgo to rise up and overthrow the Spanish. It is galvanizing. Viva!
Monday, the 16th is the National holiday celebrating Mexico’s Independence. There will be a parade on the Malecon; be there early so you can see it all. There are usually a few Charros that stay over to ride again. And dance!
I just got home from the first “Heal the Planet” in Parque Lazaro Cardenas – a group of citizens collectively trying to raise world consciousness regarding climate change. A twenty-minute meditation focusing on positive changes – rain to put out the fires consuming the Amazon and just say Yes to leaving the Rio los Horcones alone.
There will be more of these gatherings, and the Tribune will publish dates so you can join in. In the meanwhile, be aware of our gentle earth and always walk softly and with care.
Saludos to all,

Marcia Blondin