Editor’s Note

Happy September. It’s often oxymoronic to say that in Vallarta. It is the hottest, most humid and with the kids all back at school, nobody has any extra money – it’s all been spent buying uniforms, books, and shoes for school, and on and on it goes. Many restaurants and bars just shut the doors. Some business owners take the month to repaint, deep-clean, send all their employees off on vacation. That means for many, staying home because there’s no money left to go anywhere.
That’s a good thing! Look out the window, the sun is shining, the water in the bay is like a bath; it’s actually the same temperature as the air so there’s not much of a cooling effect, but it’s still refreshing, and half the world would trade places with you so, no bad talk about the weather. The beaches are quiet, no waiting for tables in the restaurants that are open and, overall, Vallarta has been really busy this summer and not just with National tourists.
The festivities coming up this month are terrific: my favorite Mexican tradition is September 15th at 11 pm – across the entire Republic is ‘El Grito’ – the ‘Shout’ for Independence. Take my word for it and be in the Main Square early evening on the 15th. Many places are celebrating Mexico’s freedom, including Act II Entertainment on the 13th. If your business has a special night planned, please email me with details, and we’ll write about them next week.
New businesses or ones that are moving or renovating, let me know in an email who you are, what you are doing and where we can find you, and we’ll splash your name on the pages of our community paper because we can.
Our contributors are amazing, and I love reading them first (and then fixing a few words here and there). Each one speaks from their heart – some about their work, even if it’s fishing like Capt. Greg. Some write with passion about the earth and the wounding of our planet; others spread their joy of plants and trees over acres of land and write with love about that protected space. We are a community of English-speaking expatriates from all over the world, and the Tribune gives us a platform that reaches all over that world while we teach, sing the praises of, learn things and enjoy our lives in this extraordinarily beautiful city we call home. We are enviably lucky, and we never forget that for a minute. Join us in Puerto Vallarta on your next vacation – you will be so happy you did.
I might still be at this desk next week…

Marcia Blondin