Editor’s Note

We’ve implemented a subtle but important change in this edition of the Vallarta Tribune: The section that we used to call ‘Local’ is now called ‘Local Voices.’ The change allows us to better reflect and celebrate our contributors, who week by week bring different colors to our publication. I’ve had the opportunity to exchange messages with a few of them over the past couple of weeks and let me tell you, they are a feisty bunch! They are all well versed in the topics they have chosen to share with us, they have strong opinions, but are not opinionated. Best of all, they are passionate about their lives and our destination, and quite eager to share that passion with you.

They generously share their columns with us without any compensation and, in exchange, we include a bit of information about their lives and/or line of work, along with ways in which you can connect with them directly. They appreciate the privilege of having an ongoing presence in a local newspaper and welcome the opportunity responsibly and respectfully. And most importantly, they are mindful of the time-sensitive demands imposed by a weekly publication schedule and they submit their contributions to us on time! We are extremely grateful for that.

If you have an area of expertise in your life or work that you think our readers might benefit from learning through a weekly column, please consider getting in touch with us. We are looking for interesting, ongoing series of articles that can help connect our readers with our destination and its many wonders. The commitment does not have to be weekly. Some contributors share their articles with us every other week; others every few months. That said, we do like the idea of regular, frequent contributions just as we like the idea of running into friends out and about around the city. If this is something that might interest you, please send a message to editor@vallartatribune.to get the ball rolling.

As we continue to improve the integration between the print edition of Vallarta Tribune with our website, and www.vallartatribune.com and our Facebook page, facebook.com/VtaTribune, we sincerely hope you’ll take the time to peruse our articles in any of the three outlets. And if you prefer to look at past issues online as though you were reading the actual edition, we also publish to issuu.com/vallartatribune. This final option will be helpful, for example, if you follow Via Anderson’s excellent column, Movement as Medicine, as she makes references to past editions this week.

Most important, however, is your feedback. If there are topics you’d like to see featured in our pages or have comments about any of the articles we’ve shared with you, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Paco Ojeda
Interim Editor