My temperature gauge in the car dipped waaaaaay down to 26 degrees today. I practically reached for a sweater. I’m going to take a chance and not turn the air conditioning on. Despite the grayness of it all I am enjoying these cooler days and it is preparing me for my trip back to Vancouver Canada next week. For those of you who don’t know, I also publish a magazine in Canada called Mexi-Go! and we produce Expos that highlight retirement, travel and investment in Mexico in Canada. Next weekend we have our 2nd Expo in Vancouver, BC and a number of great businesses are joining us up north to promote this wonderful area we are so lucky to call home. I am excited to get in front of enthusiastic Canadians that I can share my love of Mexico with and help get them on a plane down here this winter.
I am also excited about going shopping. I miss my Banana Republic, real end of summer sales, Kiehl’s bath products… I have a list of things to find but in reality after a couple years here there is very little I NEED from Canada except maybe black licorice. As I plan my packing I have realized I no longer own acceptable close-toed shoes. I have a couple pairs of canvas Tod’s and flip-flops in every colour but no more black pumps or fine leather boots. Ironically this weekend will find me manically shopping in Puerto Vallarta for things to wear back in Vancouver.
The truth is though that life in Mexico offers everything you could need if you just open yourself up to the experience. I always say to my son who hates frijoles, “A 110 million Mexicans can’t be wrong”. The point being that life here is different for sure, but it is no better or worse and it all evens out in the end. It is just a matter of perspective and giving those beans another chance.

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.


  1. I love Puerto Vallarta! I live in around The Edmonton, Alberta Canada area.. Just booked our Trip in December for PV this will be our 3rd time back there, I have other options to travel to other areas but I keep finding myself picking Puerto Vallarta.. Love the people and the City! Would love to one day be there for 6 months of the year! It will Happen (:

  2. Madeline,

    Put me on record that I agree with your son regarding beans. I refuse to eat them since my experience with them during my youth and WWII.

    America was rationing everything needed for the world war effort. Food was scarce. People were thin then . My father would go hunting and fishing down the coast of San Francisco for feeding the family. He hunted with the farmers who owned the hunting and fishing land. They grew beans.

    My dad brought them home by the gunny sack full. Full of the chaff and they had to be picked out and separated . That was my job in the first and second grade when I got home from school. Pick out the beans and place them in jars. I hated beans, and when I left home at 15, I never had to eat another one. OH I love Mexican food, but I order “Sin Frejoles ” . People sometimes ask what I do eat.

    Your son will like this one. As a boy I was taught to eat fried animal brains, fish eye soup, squid, eel, liver, and other animal parts, sandwiches made with raw hamburger, raw white onion, and Limburger cheese (good though!)..

    Marriage changed my diet since Loretta cooked. When I requested she shop for animal brains and cook it for dinner, she did. But when they began cooking, she ran out of the house in disdain. Also with raw hamburger and roast beef.

    Working two jobs and going to school required eating super foods to stay healthy. Besides the food supplements, it amounted to medium rare cocked steaks (often for breakfast, lunch and dinner), baked potatos , steamed vegetables and toss green salads. Also all kinds of fish and shellfish, fruits and fruit juices . And , yes, ice cream and fruit pies – oh my! Apparently good for a blood type of B minus.

    I am in perfect health today, with the proper weight for my height, proper blood pressure, and all the other health measurments, and no aches and pains. Walk between twenty and thirty long blocks each day. See, I do not need the beans.

    I think I will make Loretta and me milkshakes now since the weather has made to house so warm inside.

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