To all our valued readers, contributors and advertisers, I wish you the most joyous and peaceful Christmas. Thank you so much for all of your support this past year. Without all of you we wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have this excellent job in this amazing city, in this beautiful country.
I am blessed to have this opportunity to speak to all of you each week and to work with such great people.
Please be safe, be happy and remember there are only a few more days to stay off the naughty list – If I can do it, you can too!

Feliz Navidad


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  1. Madeline.

    Thank You … as you are most deserving. I have learned much from your informative articles, such as the one on the State of Chiapas , where the author went into a Mayan church where the devoted sat on the dirt floor , crossed legs, and a small incense pot of amber burning in front of them. I wonder just what percentage of Mexicans actually pray in a Catholic Church, as I have not seen many attending service while I was in Puerto Vallarta. A number of my friends there have said that they would never go into a Catholic Church, and while they do mot believe in one god, they nevertheless believe in a creator.

    Christmas in America has somewhat turned from a religious holiday to one of gift giving and merriment . A survey conducted among the citizens here, less that 50 percent of the surveyed attends a church anymore. On our shopping corridor, the trees have led lights on the sidewalk trees, but there is no music anymore. Yes there was two Santa Clauses on the street near the toy stores, and a 6 inch thick layer of snow some 4 foot wide and some 30 foot long was provided alongside the toy store.

    Few houses in our neighborhood have outdoor Christmas lights or Christmas trees in their homes , like the 100% when I was a young boy. It would seem that much of the population are waiting for the arrival of the ancient Gods of the Old Testament returning to Earth. However they were not very nice to the people of Earth who sinned and broke the10 Commandments. I have a golden bracelet besides me with the ten engraved tablets .

    Those who have not sinned, please reply to this comment.

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