This past week found me ten feet down at the bottom of a pool but, luckily for me I had an oxygen tank and not cement boots. Sue Keevil, of PV Sea Dive and Vallarta Tribune fame, finally got me in her pool for a diving class. I was certified a million years ago in Thailand but, life in Canada never really enticed me to get back in the water. Hopefully, next week I’ll be considerably deeper in the warm waters of Banderas Bay swimming with dolphins and chillin’ with octopi.
With the imminent arrival of tourists and snowbirds things are starting to get busy again. The artwalk begins this week, the Old Town Farmers Market and La Cruz Market open in the next week, expat organizations and fundraisers have begun again. Please check out the events section at the back of the paper for plenty of things to do around the bay.
As written in this week’s Letter to the Editor by Mr. Walsh the first point of contact for many of the visitors to Puerto Vallarta is at the international Airport. While ‘running the gauntlet’ of timeshare floggers, taxi drivers and such can seem overwhelming to first-timers, I do want to remind everyone that timeshare and the taxi industry in Puerto Vallarta make up a considerable amount of business for the city and its inhabitants. The Puerto Vallarta (and many of the tourist destinations in Mexico) that we know today was built on timeshare. Whatever your personal feelings about timeshare ownership aside, it feeds, clothes and educates many families in the bay.
It is more expensive to catch a convenient taxi directly outside of the airport but after a long travel day, with two sulky kids and four heavy bags, is the extra $10 such a hardship? Airport taxis the world around charge more to offset the higher ‘fees’ they pay for permission to work there. If you have the time, desire or budget, by all means cross the footbridge to the other side of the highway and catch a local taxi. Be sure to set the price up front or you could be in for a surprise.
For me personally, I am not thrilled that the first thing a new arrival sees is an Oxxo but I have to admit it is nice to wait for your delayed flight at the outside picnic table with a cold cervesa in hand and it’s a hoot seeing the pale, pimply teens head straight for a six of Corona to start their trip off on the right foot.
At the Tribune, I’ve made it my point to offer news, events and ideas that give you more ways to appreciate the unique beauty, culture and people of Mexico. For some of us, a relaxing, stress-free life of sun and fun is what we signed up for and for others an adventure of language, food, sport or soul is our dream – whatever your intentions, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico welcome you.

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Living in Mexico full time since 2011, Madeline is a graphic designer, writer, iPhone photographer and road tripper.

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  1. Dear Editor,

    In my recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, my first contact at the PV Airport was a prior week copy of the Vallarta Tribune; there was a current copy at the check-in counter of the Canto del Sol Timeshare Resort, also at the check-in area of the Plaza Pelicano Timeshare Resort; and at Yesa Jewelry on L.L. Vallarta at Central, where I was able to obtain four prior weeks copy of the Vallarta Tribune, that I took home to San Francisco for my scrapbook.. This was impressive for any newspaper!

    My second stop at the Airport was to step outside and catch a blue and white bus to my resort. Traveling alone, and with two carry-on suitcases, I was able to by-pass any inconveniences getting to my lodging. Leaving two weeks later, I caught the bus to the airport, and walked the overpass to the United check-in area.

    After reading all summer long on the Internet Vallarta Tribune website of rain, rain and more rain, my 14 days in PV were hot, dry and sunny – thank you.

    Money I had saved bringing carry-ons and using the blue and white busses for the two weeks, was available to purchase collectables from friends in PV who look forward to my arrival each year in their shops – again, thank you all.

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