It is pretty hard to beat Vancouver, BC on a sunny September afternoon. The air is warm but lacking humidity. The mountains leap off the blue sky and the ocean sparkles with light waves. The air smells crisp and clean, everyone is riding a bike or driving an expensive import. There are no topes or potholes. My hair is smooth and my make-up still where I put it eight hours ago. I can literally throw a rock from my window and hit a Starbucks. Feels good be back.
When I get off the plane in Vancouver I have a couple of go-to items on the top of my list- Timmies, Vietnamese food, end of season sales (hello Aldo Outlet!). Trips back to Canada mostly involve eating and shopping with a little friends n’ family thrown in but the pressure to get it all done is intense. All the things to see, do, eat and people to visit in a short ten days is overwhelming; almost enough just to stay.
in Puerto Vallarta. Which, if I was in town, would have me making plans that are just as busy with this week’s Independencia celebrations. Lots of restaurants, galleries and public events this weekend to ring in the 203rd anniversary of Mexico’s independence from Spain.
Be sure to head to the Malecon on Sunday evening for the El Grito. Monday is a national holiday so head to the beach (or river) early to claim your spot. Sample a chile en nogada and wash it down with a lime margarita and you will be filled with patriotic glee.
If you have a few days free, or the Monday holiday gives you the freedom to get out of town, consider a trip to Tequila, featured in the Tribune this week. It is a beautiful time of year to travel into the mountains. The butterflies alone are enough to keep you entranced but the tasting tours will probably help too.
This weekend I’ll be hanging out at the Mexi-Go! Expo here in Vancouver, talking to fellow Canadians about my love of our adopted country. We have lots of great prizes, art, destinations, real estate and retirement seminars, food and a tequila tasting area. Please come visit if you are in town. www.mexigoexpo.com
Next week, the Tribune is running a great travel piece on exploring the back roads of Jalisco along with a look at Mexico’s spa industry and the get-away destination of Bucerias.
We are also officially launching the small-business classified section which we hope will grow into a great resource for visitors and residents alike. Have a great week!
Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico, Viva Mexico!

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  1. Monday September 16 is a National Holiday in Mexico for celebrating Mexico’s Independence from Spain? I have seen nothing to date in the San Francisco newspapers, Perhaps in Sunday’s calendar of events section.

    Actually the only thing regarding the millions of undocumented Hispanics in California, was the bill on the Governors desk providing drivers licenses for them. It will be a form of independence for Mexican drivers. The distribution of Hispanics in California is around 50 percent of the population, and perhaps more in the San Francisco schools.

    Already the great state of Texas, has petitioned to remove itself from the Union of the United States, and a dozen of California counties also with perhaps some Oregon’s counties, have voted to be separate state from California. No bloodshed, just determined voters.

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