Doberman puppies looking for loving homes

RESCUED: Two starving mama dogs and their three-month old puppies. Nancy Coates, who volunteers at Colina clinic, found the dogs living in a gravel work lot. In a two week period, the mamas had given birth to a total of nineteen puppies.
Workmen at the location gave seven of the puppies away, but couldn´t manage to feed the others. Nancy raised funds for an extra clinic at Colina, which guarantees twenty free sterilizations of dogs and cats every Sunday.
Warren Brander of Boardwalk Real Estate assisted in the fundraising, which resulted in a second free clinic at Colina.
Kim Kuzma, with her terrific voice and exuberant performances at local clubs here, is a Colina volunteer and helped transport the dogs from the lot to the clinic.
As all volunteers involved in this rescue were unwilling to return the puppies to the work lot, efforts were made to find permanent and temporary homes for them.
Volunteers Brischa and Ted took in the mama dog with her six puppies, because they were in need of the most vet care. Both mamas and all puppies have been sterilized and vaccinated. If interested in adopting, or if you can foster, please contact Colette, owner of Colina clinic: