Do diets work?

 You try this wonderful diet that will guarantee weight-loss, and you lose some weight, but then you realize you’ve gained even more weight back than the first time. Sound familiar? I’ve certainly been there…

You’re not alone, this has likely happened to most of us. A diet can work from one person and not for another; our bodies respond differently to different ingredients. Diets are often not set up to help us succeed at weight loss.

Here are the top five reasons that diets don’t work:

  1. The yo-yo dieting. Many times people go on diets, lose weight, and then gain weight and often more then they lost. Then the cycle repeats itself over and over. Yo-yo dieting can lead to eating disorders or other mental health issues if you’re not careful.
  1. A short-term plan. People are trying to achieve a short-term goal and it’s usually to lose weight before an upcoming event. From the onset the intention of the diet is to create temporary change to obtain a result by a certain time. Old eating habits return the moment the person achieves the desired result and the diet is stopped.
  1. Everybody processes calories differently. Many diets that are based on the premise of counting calories are very generalized instead of keeping the individual in mind. Calories out should exceed the calories in is what this formula supports and that will lead to pounds lost.

More and more evidence proves that this is no longer true. Every calorie is not created equal. Calories consumed from an avocado or sweet potatoes are much more nutrient-dense than calories consumed from a processed, low-fat bagel. Your metabolism can be slowed if you consume too few calories putting your body in survival mode.

  1. Deprivation. Many people believe that they will be depriving themselves of foods they love if they start a diet. This kind of mindset does not support success when entering a weight loss program. The feeling of deprivation will incite food cravings that will be difficult to ignore and that can lead to overeating and overeating the wrong foods.
  1. Food Cravings. The last reason they don’t work is they don’t address food cravings. Reaching for healthy food alternatives will help to eliminate those cravings when you have the right ingredients available to you such as natural sweeteners, high-nutrient carbohydrates and healthy, beneficial fats. 

Learning which foods nourish the body and which don’t is the best and most sustainable way to eat in order to obtain weight-loss and optimal health keeping the larger, long-term picture in mind.

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 Marcella Castellanos is a bilingual certified healthy lifestyle who works with busy professionals and moms who want to gain more vitality, develop a healthier mindset and lose extra pounds. You can usually find her eating an avocado. She is leading RADIANCE- a free 7 Day Self-love Challenge to integrate daily habits for healthier living. To learn more about this event visit her facebook page: MarcellasWellness or type in this URL to register: You can also visit her for new recipes, tips and vibrant living updates.