“Diva del Futuro” adorns the Café des Artistes tower

“Café des Artistes stems from the artistic sensitivity I see life through, both in the conception and design of the restaurant and in the art of service and kitchen”. – Chef Thierry Blouet

March, Month of Art

As it is the Month of Art, the emblematic tower at Café des Artistes became a spectacular canvas and a monumental work of urban art by muralist Antonio “Tony” Collantez.

Last May 13 Chef Thierry Blouet, his wife Rosé and all the Café des Artistes family played host to gallery owners and media members to unveil “La Diva del Futuro” (Diva of Future), painted by Tony Collantez as part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Café and as a gift to Puerto Vallarta’s artistic scene and history.


By Antonio Collantez

Hyper modernism in spray paint on the tower of Café des Artistes Puerto Vallarta


“This diva, just as art history, is comprised of many pieces. Art is not an artist, it is the conjunction of humankind’s knowledge, made of many parts of the world. I am the outcome of a lot of people who have passed through my life: teachers, schools, the street. At the end of the day, I am a little piece of them all too. So is La Diva del Futuro, inspired in Mexican divas such as Dolores del Río or María Félix. For me, the diva concept is not only an individual’s image, it has to do with the way we built ourselves as human beings”, explained the artist.

Mr. Collantez is working in yet another work on the walls of Café des Artistes, this one on the outer side of Josefa Ortiz de Domínguez street. “Color is an important element in Mexican art, especially of the recent movement of neo-muralism. I expect this yet unnamed work to feature one thousand colors. The new large-format piece will be unveiled on May 19, during the “Coctel entre Cuates” event.

Speaking of events, keep updated on the year-long celebrations of café des Artistes’ 30th anniversary at https://www.cafedesartistes.com/30-aniversario/ and save your favorite dates.