Different horses for different courses

By Sue Keevil

Last Monday, I had four guys booked to dive El Chimo. This is a site in the open ocean on the far south point of the bay that takes ninety minutes by boat to get to. I had mentioned to them that the whole dive has to be done at 100 foot plus due to the strong currents, but this did not deter them at all, in fact, it excited them.

When we got to the site, there is no time on the surface to relax and chat before going down on this site. So much so, that we put something called a tag line down the side of the boat to hold on to as soon as you jump in so you don´t get washed away. You then haul yourself to the descent line and then haul yourself down this. As everyone is going down, they looked like flags on a flagpole. While doing this maneuver to get to the bottom, your mask is being blown off your face and your regulator is doings its best to escape the clutches of your jaw.

Once we got to the bottom at 100 foot, we found the current did not cease at all, so we are blown away at some speed towards rocks and pinnacles! You have no time to stop and look at anything before you have blown through your air and it is time to go to the surface. This whole procedure, after the long boat ride, is over in twenty minutes and I for one, just don´t get it. I can remember thinking every time I go there that I will remove it from my website. Then I got on the boat to find four very happy guests.

It´s not that I am not tough (everyone knows I am!), it´s just that I like to take my time, look at the fish and the critters and stop and take a few hundred photos!

We did the second dive at Majahuitas. It is a gentle sloping wall that is packed with critters and fish, had no current and was pretty clear. We did the whole dive between forty and sixty feet for a whole hour. I thought this would change their perspective on what diving was all about, but no, all they talked about on the way back was the first dive.

This princess is happy we are all different!