Did you know that your dog can develop diseases related to being overweight or obese?

By Susana Milla
(Porter Novelli)


To prevent this from happening, we share some recommendations that you can follow to keep it at its ideal weight.
How to keep your dog active and in good health?
Surely in recent months you have noticed that your dog gained slightly in weight, since at the beginning of the quarantine it was more difficult to take him for a walk, and although little by little we can start to resume some activities, we have to continue taking care of ourselves! It is important that they make the most of the outings and games inside the house to keep it active, as well as to take care of its diet to avoid issues of overweight, obesity or other related diseases that it could develop.
For this reason we must keep our dog at its ideal weight, to achieve this we recommend following a proper diet and combining it with exercise:
Feed him correctly:
Avoid giving her leftover human food, even if she doesn’t take her eyes off your plate, keep your posture and tell her no. A diet specially developed for him can help your dog stay healthy and at a suitable weight, by providing him with the nutrients he needs. Like the Pedigree® Envelopes that give it a delicious variety through its different textures and flavors that in addition to also having vitamins and minerals, you can combine them with their croquettes. Give your dog the portions according to its size and life stage.
So that he doesn’t order your food when you sit down to eat, serve him first.
Do not leave your plate full of food throughout the day, it is best to establish a couple of schedules in your routine.
Leave clean, fresh water at your disposal at all times.
Weigh it regularly for you to keep track.
Use a rubber toy to which you can put food or prizes, this way he will keep busy for a while.
Exercise it:
Following all safety measures, start with a 10-minute walk every day, increase the time after a few weeks, and aim to walk with him 2 to 3 times a day. If it is difficult for you to remove it for longer, you can exercise it indoors with these ideas:
Make your dog follow you when you go up and down stairs, this way he can release a little energy and at the same time you will be active. If you don’t have stairs, you can do this exercise in a hallway. Turn your room into an obstacle course you can use the cushions in the room to jump them, create a tunnel with the chairs and cover it with blankets. Don’t forget to reward him with lots of caresses and a cheerful tone of voice when he does.
Remember to take it to your veterinarian every 6 months so that he can also carry out a control and have his corresponding check-up. He can also recommend different exercises and if necessary, a more strict diet.
Finally, another positive part of seeing these new habits for a more active and healthy life will be that you will also benefit.