Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos

Cindy, an expat Canadian, is the Chief Rejuvenation Officer and owner of Villa Amor del Mar, a Boutique Hotel, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. She and husband Chris are living and lovin’ in Vallarta–Nayarit. For info on La Cruz or if you desire… ‘A very special vacation’, contact Cindy@VillaAmorDelMar.com


High season excitement in La Cruz


The sights, sounds, and aromas of La Cruz enthrall one’s senses. Simply walking out of the marina, the town square is full of life, always with children playing, and if you’re lucky, you’ll happen upon music or a traditional event. This week La Cruz celebrates both Halloween and Dia del Muertos.


A fundraiser for the La Cruz Spay and Neuter Clinic combined an early Halloween celebration at the Tree House Bar last weekend where a Mermaid won the grand prize! This Thursday evening, children dress up for trick-or-treating around town, many visiting The La Cruz Inn and other bars where La Cruzer’s culminate sharing candy. I love seeing the little kiddo’s happy faces, even though they don’t quite grasp our “trick-or-treat” concept.


Various bars, restaurants, homes, and businesses create altars celebrating those who have passed. Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) reunites the living and dead where families create offerings to honor their departed. Altars are decorated with yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and favorite foods and drinks of the one being honored. The offerings are believed to encourage visits as the departed souls hear their prayers, smell their food, and join in the celebrations! If you’re interested in partaking in a memorial, come to the Marina La Cruz on Wednesday, October 30th, at 6:00 pm to add some love with photos of your family or pets who passed. Día de Los Muertos is celebrated November 1st and 2nd.


“High,” or as I call it “Happening,” Season begins this week with the re-opening of the famed oceanfront Sunday market; extended last season making it even more delightful to shop, often eating as you go, listening to great music. The market team has created a new artisan market beginning Thursday, November 7th at Higuera Blanca. Fifty vendors offer products closer to Punta de Mita at Rancho Vista Paraiso from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.


The grand opening of a new branch of the Tree House Bar brought 150 people out in the pouring rain where four bands, including Flamenco dancers, celebrated a story of great love, great people, great music and a great menu. The good news, everyone was undercover proving this shall be an excellent concert venue. This is the third bar Alfredo and Marichuy have been a part of from conception. Now, the entire family is involved in the business; three-year-old Dinah enchants the guests, Bilha fifteen and Leah seventeen help both serving customers and working in the kitchen. Together Marichuy and Alfredo manage the business creating a community center of sorts reminiscent of Philo’s, which they were part of from the beginning until sadly Philo passed away way to soon.


Marichuy told me, “We enjoy giving good service. When the people are happy and satisfied, we are thrilled!” Alfredo and Marichuy designed the restaurant/bar around a Huanacaxtle tree, which is over 50 years old, respecting rainwater flow to keep the large tree hydrated and nourished. Upcoming bands include Cheko Ruiz, Zoe & León, Media Luna, Tatewari, US Two, and many more surprises!” The menu will include the famous Lucido Burrito, BBQ ribs, special ‘show’ menus and a full menu including salads, snacks, and main course.


This week I’ll be walking around town for sure, adding to the Marina alter, stopping in at Ana Banana’s where, to date, my favorite altar is set up and handing out candy to the kiddos. This is truly a special week to live in small-town Mexico.

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Cindy Bouchard, an expat Canadian runs a Boutique Hotel, Villa Amor del Mar, in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle. She and her husband Chris are living and lovin’ in Vallarta–Nayarit. If you want more info on La Cruz or desire… A very special vacation contact Cindy via cindy@VillaAmordelMar.com