Deux Mec Reviewed: “Passion to the art of cuisine was evident in each bite we took”

Deux Mec Olas Altas #507 – Zona Romantica – Puerto Vallarta
Contact: – 322-223-2060
Price: $2000 MN for two people (without alcohol)

The Olas Altas dining scene, that continually evolving gastronomic macro-destination within Old Town, all but guaranteed its title as the city’s gourmet epicenter with the opening of Deux Mec, proprietor Michel Pascal Ferrari’s new authentic European restaurant.

Inside the kitchen, German-born Chef Andreas Fischer and his team of two other cooks prepare dishes that are based on European classics, using local ingredients from purveyors and suppliers that possess an obvious respect and love of cuisine. Produce, meats, and seafood arrive from parts near and far within the Mexican republic, ensuring Chef Fischer’s cooks have only the very best ingredients on hand when it’s time to start cooking.

Tuna and Mahi-mahi may be sourced as close as fish market Pescaderia Marquez in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle while the clams (served in an earthy broth with brunoise of pancetta, sundried tomatoes, and fennel fronds) came from Baja California because the colder water makes for a tastier clam.

Our server presented us with a wine list featuring a selection of fine French and Mexican wines, however, we elected to have the house pair a wine with each course. As a result, we were pleasantly surprised by their choices – each skillfully selected to enhance the flavours its accompanying dish.

Most of the wine we were presented with were reds, an even split of Mexican and French varietals. The only Rosé we received was La Terre Rosé, which was paired with sausage-stuffed quail, served on a stone tablet along with sauteed mushrooms and radish slices, and a red wine demi glace that I would have been more than content to sip from a teacup on its own as it was so nectarous.

Our first course, paired with Incognito Valle de Guadalupe 2014, was Barrata, a light antipasto salad that consisted of fresh, bold flavours meant to awaken our palettes. Chiffonade of basil, sliced tomatoes, and olive oil balanced the delicate Fior di Latte cheese and creme fraiche.

The dish that my dining companion and I both agreed was the pièce de résistance was Pasta con Pulpo: octopus tentacles over housemade fettuccine noodles with cherry tomatoes and herbs lightly sauteed together, then topped with a duros de harina garnish. The octopus was the most tender either of us had ever tasted, and the Nicolas Chardonnay 2014 worked perfectly with the warm salad.

The second Nicolas wine to arrive at our table was their 2014 Merlot, which was the companion to red wine risotto with shredded beef and bone marrow. The boldness of the Merlot stood up to the savoury, beefy flavours of the risotto; and this course helped to prepare us for the indulgent main course to follow: Sonora beef filet medallions over asparagus and baby tomatoes with Hollandaise and beef jus.

The beef was incredibly tender, illustrating the skill of the chefs in the kitchen, who’s passion to the art of cuisine was evident in each bite we took. The wine that came with our entree was the Incognito Valle de Guadalupe 2014, the same wine that first appeared alongside the first first course, completing a ‘culinary boomerang’.

The Deux Mec dessert menu consisted of Tiramisu, and a cheese plate of international cheeses – we ordered one of each. The Tiramisu, with its espresso-bathed ladyfingers, was heavenly – and almost too rich to finish. Almost.
The cheese platter showcased five international cheeses of different textures – ranging from soft and creamy to hard and crumbly. Each of the cheeses were delicious in their own way, and if you like a soft and pungent cheese (as I do), you won’t be disappointed.

The overall concept and its execution make Deux Mec a restaurant that won’t disappoint. Attentive and knowledgeable wait staff in the front of the house complement the skill and dedication of the cooks in the kitchen. Working in concert as the different sections of an orchestra do, the Deux Mec staff create a dining experience that could be in found in London, Paris, Rome, or any other European culinary destination.

Matt McCue
Food Writer at Vallarta Tribune
Matt McCue is an avid eater, having consumed more than 40,000 meals in his lifetime. He'll eat anything that's put in front of him, but prefers not to talk about that afternoon as a vegan.