Dental Implants – A Different Option

This week we had a chat with Dr. Siegfried Lopez (we just call him Dr. Ziggy!) who is a maxillofacial specialist/surgeon. His specialty covers a wide variety of issues but today we are discussing “zygomatic dental implants.”

These are an alternative to traditional dental implants, appropriate when there is insufficient bone in the upper jaw (maxilla). Thanks to modern technological advancements, zygomatic implants allow many people to forgo the lengthy process of bone grafting and sinus lifts. Known as rescue implants, they can even be used after reabsorption or infection results in a failed bone graft.

Zygoma implants (or zygomatic implants) are different from conventional dental implants in that they anchor in to the zygomatic bone (cheekbone) rather than the maxilla (upper jaw) but the main difference between zygomatic and regular implants is that they may be used when maxillary bone quality or quantity is inadequate for the placement of regular dental implants. Inadequate maxillary bone volume may be due to bone reabsorption as well as the development of air cells of the maxillary sinuses, or a combination of both, when the patient does not want bone grafting or if previous bone grafting has failed.

This procedure involves the use of general anesthesia. After surgery, the zygomatic implants will be typically “loaded” with a fixed bridge, so in a period of approximately two weeks, the patient can return to normal tasks.

Dr. Ziggy says that zygomatic implants offer a better alternative for those who have extreme bone deterioration in the maxilla. They can be used in the event of failed implants or failed bone graft. The cost of the treatment varies from patient to patient but it is approximately $12,000 USD or peso equivalent.

What exactly does a maxillofacial specialist do?

Everything from head and neck cancer to procedures to reduce snoring. Facial traumas, dental work, such as the implants, TMJ disorders, some hearing-related disorders—it is a very long list! For an appointment with Dr. Ziggy, just send an email. We are lucky to have him in Banderas Bay.

It is hard to believe we are almost to mid-August! It won’t be long when snowbirds return. October is going to be a huge month with a plethora of activities focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Keep an eye out for our special calendar! Here’s to a restoring week!

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