Definition of Fun

Leza Warkentin
I’m not here to tell anyone how to have fun. On a Saturday night, you are not likely to find me out clubbing, because I am already booked so far in advance. I hate to disappoint Sherlock and Watson or, quite frankly, the whole Netflix lineup in general. My pajamas get sad when I am not there and my special Canadian chocolate bars feel abandoned.
This is my version of fun, and it might not be yours. So feel free to take what I say here with a grain of salt.
Last Friday night I thought we could add to our fun repertoire by maybe playing outside the box a little. This is sometimes a great idea (like when we ran off to San Blas and saw crocodiles at the last minute) and sometimes it’s not (like when I agreed to an Ice Bucket Challenge). But I’m often game to try.
Maybe you also noticed the fair set up in the hotel zone, glittering and sparkling with its seductive promises of DIVERSION! 100 PESOS! Let’s face it, 100 pesos for a good time isn’t an easy thing to find.
I decided to invite another mom with her two kids because folks should never be greedy about keeping all the fun to themselves. Plus, I dislike rides intensely and I wanted my kids to forget to ask me to go on with them.
When we got there at 6:30pm, the kids began their We Must Communicate Our Excitement Ritual by running around me in circles as I waited in line. I was already tired from a week of working with children who have similar daily rituals, and I should have realized then what this event was going to do to me.
When our friends arrived, we handed around the bracelets, had a whole group Excitement Ritual, and entered. What we faced upon entering was absolutely breath-taking. Each ride had a line that snaked its way around it, lapping it several times.
The two boys, each wearing a shiny yellow fun bracelet, announced in that moment that they actually hated rides and would much rather play the games, none of which were included in the fun price of 100 pesos.
My friend and I quickly put our heads together and fleshed out a plan. Fun was not mentioned in the conversation. Economy was not mentioned in the conversation. Survival was mentioned several times.
I took the boys to the games and she took the girls to the rides.
The boys won many wonderful things that I think are lost now. The girls went on three rides.
This is a miracle given the fact that many of the people lining up had very flexible ideas of what waiting for turns meant. I have a whole new level of respect for my friend.
When we got home at 10:30pm, I sent the children to shower and sat outside for a moment, head about as close to my knees as I can still manage at my current level of physical fitness.
I was hungry and discouraged because I couldn’t justify waiting in line for 47 minutes for the elote con crema I wanted so very badly (Although I did wait 32 minutes for hotcakes for my children. Just one more way mothers sacrifice for their young). I can’t remember being more tired.
I can’t remember having less fun. But sometimes, grace sneaks up on you in the most subtle of ways.
This time it came in the form of the elote vendor and his beautiful yellow cart. It spread itself over the kernels in the form of cream and mayonnaise with just a sprinkle of chile. And then it was bedtime, and I was ready for some fun that I could recognize. Thanks for waiting, Sherlock and Watson.

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  1. Active fun for me in Puerto Vallarta verses passive fun enjoying listening to a concert , watching a stage show or a TV program on the History or Discover channel, is the fun and excitement of treasure hunting in the shops … and once discovered, bargaining for the fair price of the article. Like the popular sport games in the 75 AD Roman Colosseum / Amphitheater played to a victory, in this case the number of pesos, each contestant is able to size up the relative cunning of the two participants, and look forward to another bout another day. I enjoy seeing their happy faces when I return the following year.

    In the earlier times … was playing in the money tennis tournaments with the club tennis pros.

    Then there is the beachcombing. Treasures such amber, black coral, sea polished colored glass, shells, and even what looks like a small square uncut diamond, likely ejected by one of the past erupting volcanos out in the bay.

    However what is not to be forgotten, is spending time and doing things with my wife of some 60 years. She is truly the funniest thing in my life. We enjoy in talking, discussing and debating things in science, medicine, music and tennis . My three grown daughters always asked why mom and dad were always arguing?

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