Decluttering Spaces

Decluttering your house allows you to declutter your mind and heart allowing for expansion and new possibilities to enter.”
I didn’t realize I had a cluttered kitchen until I no longer felt inspiration to cook. As a certified holistic health coach, it’s important for me to be able to create healthy meals for myself and my clients and to allow for the creative flow to take place. But I just couldn’t. I wasn’t. I stopped preparing meals except for smoothies and a few things here and there, then I deduced it to my kitchen being too small.

It is in fact, small, but that really wasn’t the problem. I didn’t realize it until I started mentioning that I was feeling less than inspired to cook because I didn’t have space. A friend replied, “It’s just that things are cluttered.” Cluttered? The thought hadn’t occurred to me as I thought I thought I had maximized the space as much as I could and I was seemingly proactively purging things that no longer served a purpose or had seen their better days.

Then I had some friends come over to take a look. They began giving me suggestions for moving things around to open up the small space up. I was now feeling inspired again.
My friend came over and between the two of us we did a makeover. It was still the same size space, but somehow, by strategically moving the refrigerator, a couple of storage items, getting rid of five bags full of items, it started to magically look like another kitchen! Then there was no stopping me; from room-to-room I began moving things, purging things, beautifying things, it has been cathartic.

What this activity has done has not only enabled me to revive my sacred home space, but to clear my mind and spirit. We often take for granted that a cluttered physical space can lead to a cluttered mind. Now that I have opened up space in my home, I have opened up possibilities in my life to flow with more ease. I just know it.
And I can’t wait to whip up some awesome dishes. What areas in your home or life need to be decluttered? Feel free to write to me, I would love to hear from you.

Marcella is a certified Wellness Lifestyle Coach helping people lead healthier lives with attention to compassion and sustainability in the world. Her mission is to empower you to become the greatest, most vibrant version of yourself. She looks at the whole picture and helps you incorporate plant-strong nutrition, movement, and essential oils to support physical and emotional health. If you want to receive health and wellness updates about vibrant healthy living in Vallarta sign up for her newsletter at www.wellnesslatina.

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  1. Marcella,

    Have you seen some of the Egyptian tombs, such as King Tut’s ? Really crowded with gold and implements gained in life and for his use in the after life.

    My grandmother who raised me in her home, and left it to me when she passed away, had collected everything of value. Is it a fault to hoard expensive antique furniture , dishware and sterling silverware, and gold jewelry ?

    Her plan was to give me the house on the condition that I would not sell it, and that it would be kept in the family. After I had practically rebuilt the house, I could start mine, or actually, continue her collections.

    Her ghost (spirit) stayed around the house for some 15 years, scarring the wits out of our growing daughters friends, until, at last she finally past over to the other side.

    She treasured her collections … we value them. I treasure my collections and also display them in antique display cabinets. Like her. I see them as chapters, or events in my life whenever I view any of those displayed, it is like a video in my mind of how and where they were acquired. It is like experiencing the event over and over again.

    It is my house, and it is how I like it to be. Some years ago, I purchased a large antique bookcase with windowed doors. It took three men to haul it up to the second story living room . The store person took one look inside my home, and said :”I have been selling and delivering antique furniture in San Francisco for over 30 years, and I have never been in such a home before.

    I love my house and home ; it contains so many wonderful memories. I wish someday to take them with me, or at least stay around in spirit form … as did my grandmother.

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