Dear Madeline,

Some fly from Puerto Vallarta to Vancouver to shop, and others from San Francisco to Puerto Vallarta … you are an example of the former, and I the latter. However this week I would much prefer shopping in Puerto Vallarta over Vancouver, rain or shine, for this is the best time in PV to find a rainbow, and the pot of gold on either side of town, with the lowest prices during the year.
Near the northern end of town, at #7 and on the pier at the Flea Market, the house of the Cruise Lines, my pot of gold was a one and a half inch long by one and a quarter of an inch wide amber pendant enclosed in sterling silver around the outer amber edge, in what looks like a feast by some predator over 25 million years ago. There is a leg bone, feathers, and what appears to be body parts covered with fuzz. Also a number of small bugs. Ask for Armando if you wish to see what else he has.
Near the southern edge of town, at Jimmy-s Jewelry and Opal House at Venustiano Carranza # 367 Downtown … well amber lovers will not believe this for I did not at first … a one inch long by one half inch wide piece of blue amber in a silver pendant that looks like our milky galaxy from afar. Well, not exactly. Actually the main portion of the amber is clear and colorless, however the many very small bubbles are coated in a blue film of blue amber … and there a lot of them. In the center of the amber is a large bubble one quarter of an inch in diameter also coated in a film of blue amber. From the front side of the pendant the scene looks like that of the milky way galaxy and the sun in the center.
Turn the pendant around, and one sees the earth in the center in a light blue color, with the bright stars shinning all around. Turn the pendant on its side, and it looks like a side wise view of our galaxy with the bulge in the center. Ask for George at Jimmy-s if you want a good deal. Say Frank sent you or you read it in the Vallarta Tribune.
Madeline, let us see if your pot of gold shopping in Vancouver can top this for uniqueness.

Frank Norton
San Francisco CA USA