Dear Editor

Unless procedures have changed, lining up to go through customs at the PVR airport is a mess; but it can be improved! It’s not just long lines to go through customs, but the length of the existing four lines vary, as well and then when one gets up to the front of one’s line, one is directed to just several of all of the workstations, depending on one’s line! (And some people also jump from line to line.) There are 3-4 entrances from the arrival gates to this very large room where these lines occur, (and one of the entrances leads to a “straight shot” line without any zig-zagging!) Not knowing who in the PVR government to write to, I am writing to you to suggest the following solution: (a) have one long (OK very long) zig-zag line that everyone is directed to upon entering this large room from one’s arrival gate; (b) have waist high solid “barrier walls” on both sides of the zig-zag “pathways” of this long line to keep people In the line; (c) have two airport staff at the front of the line directing passengers to the “next open” workstation, of all the workstations. This would create an equal experience as people would be slowly moving to the front, instead of the seemingly endless standing still in this stuffy room. I am sad that the most depressing experience I have when visiting wonderful PVR occurs when I go through customs at the airport! Please improve the airport’s customs process! Thank you.


Richard Johnson
Madison WI


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