Cupcakes & Creampuffs

October is now and, as she does every year, Vallarta Tribune contributor Pamela Thompson throws a Pink Wave Cocktail party to raise breast cancer awareness. This always-well-attended kick-off to Season happens Friday, October 4th from 6:30 to 9 pm at San Javier hospital in the Marina. The food is pink (fabulous cupcakes!), the drink is pink lemonade and the atmosphere electric with hundreds of people uniting and reuniting, catching up with many snowbirds returning early and expats from all over Banderas Bay.


Pam works hard all year gathering raffle prizes; there is almost a prize-per-person attending! Restaurants, services, jewelers, artists are happy to donate to such a good cause. I will see you there!


Can you hear the snowbirds packing? My sister Patrice and colleague John Warren both sent me photos Sunday morning of their own views in southern Alberta. Yes, snow. John asked if I was missing my old province, I replied, “(expletive deleted) no!” I have seen some nasty photos after our recent rains of water levels in and around Vallarta – some footbridges breached by raging waters. Francisco Villa floods in seconds it seems; one man was filmed happily floating down that street on a raft. Only in Vallarta…finding joy instead of calamity.

Speaking of joy…as I was walking home from the Marsol Market last Friday afternoon, I remembered that Eric’s Paris Bakery was going to reopen in October. I have been passing there weekly, on Pino Suarez, dreaming of their creampuffs topped with chocolate. Their space was open and standing front and center of the bakery was Eric himself overseeing staff and getting ready to bake! We chatted a bit and as you read this, he will be open so run and treat yourself. I have packed my trusty creampuff Tupperware into my Market bag…it will hold two exactly.


I have only ventured out of the house once this week for a delightful luncheon with a new friend; an American expat. The rest of the time was spent healing from dengue. I remember getting bitten by the huge dark-colored beast because my feet were hanging over a mosquito coil and I watched the thing land on my ankle surrounded by mosquito-nuking smoke and had a long sweet drink. It was his last.


Artist’s Co-op update: we are still waiting to finalize our locale; perhaps by next week, I will have good news to share with you.


Until then, stay high and dry. Hugs are freely given at the Marsol Friday Market, come by and get yours, From Here.

Marcia Blondin