Cruise ships sail into Vallarta

2014 will see 116 cruise ships dock in the port of Puerto Vallarta according to the Maritime Terminal Director, Miguel Angel García Beltrán. This will be a significant increase over 2013 an increase when 81 cruise ships visited our city. This increase is about 266,000 passengers and brings an estimated $25.6 million dollars of increased revenue to the city. Until the end of 2014 Puerto Vallarta will see two, and often three, cruise ships docked at the Terminal.
All projections are that 2015 will be an even busier year with 142 arrivals already scheduled and confirmed, increasing the port calls by 22% when compared to this year. Norwegian, Princess, Carnival and Holland America are the four most frequent cruise lines to dock in Puerto Vallarta. Carnival represents 34% of arrivals; Princess 20%; Norwegian 19% and Holland America 16%.

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  1. Cruise ships are good for the merchants of Puerto Vallarta, however maybe not so good for passengers. A recent report regarding the healthcare aboard the ship relates that the cruise company is not responsible because they have contracted for a doctor to be aboard the ship … who is responsible. It is like the Timeshare hotels that also take no responsibility, and if one calls the hotel desk, they are likely to be referred to a pharmacy. Worse with the cruse ship company, if you have a complaint, you will likely have to make it to the company headquarters in some foreign country, which they likely require you to go to the city of their headquarters. Best for one to check this out before signing up on a cruise, for there have been a number of cruise ship accidents as of late, and mass sickness aboard ships.

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