Corona-Maker Announces Billion Dollar Investment in Mexico

By Nathaniel Parish Flannery

Constellation Brands, the company that distributes Corona, Modelo Negra, and Modelo Especial in the U.S. announced plans to invest more than one billion dollars to expand production at its facility in Coahuila Mexico from 10 to 25 million hectoliters a year, a move that the company expects to help it increase its share in the U.S. beer market from 7 percent to 14 percent. The investment in the Coahuila factory is expected to top US$1 billion. According to company spokesman Edgar Guillaumin,”imported beer and craft beer are growing a lot in the U.S. We want to keep pushing premium Mexican brands in the U.S. market.
We’re concentrating on beer that’s where we have aggressive plans for growth.” Mexico currently exports more than $1.5 billion dollars worth of beer annually, a figure that should rise as Anheuser-Busch owned Grupo Modelo and Heineken-owned Cervezas Moctezuma, makers of DosEquis, continue to expand production.
Original: Forbes

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  1. The perfect business model is a product that is both addictive , and legal. And to increase profits is to produce it with labor of the poor and under protected.

    In the case of beer, the alcohol it contains is not allowed for children, because the U.S.A. has placed alcohol at the top of its list of the most dangerous drugs … mainly due to alcohols effects on families. I know for I was raised in such an abusive family and relatives.

    The positive part of this article, is that the bottled beer from Mexico will contain water , and in California which is in a drought such was once involved in Mexico’s Maya civilization collapse, but of course the Maya drank dark chocolate for its effect on the brain.

    A reminder that with Christians, it is Assentation, Resurrection and Perfection. The best Christian families are without alcohol . The debate among experts is whether Jesus existed at all. Likely he did, however much in the Bible is not true, and like most history books , is changed by experts in all ages. My opinion is for food for thought, for critical thinking.

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