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  1. Hi,
    A few issues ago a letter to the editor recomended a repair group or brothers that they do a good job and they are puntual I was wondering if you can provide me with their information I seem to have lost that issue …thank you

  2. Hola, mi nombre es cindy Galarza y soy concierge de condominios grand venetian , me dirijo a ustedes, porque mis condominos me solicitan su revista, y deseamos adquirirla, espero su respuesta. Gracias !!

    1. Hi Mike – The Vallarta Tribune is free. We are in the process of updating our Distribution Points – Starting this week you will be able to find it at most restaurants and resorts within Nuevo. Chasers, Ocho Tostados, Baracudas, Vallarta Adventures and the San Javier hospital all currently receive the newspaper. Let me know if you can’t find it and I’ll get you a copy delivered. – Madeline editor(AT)

      1. Any chance also distributing on the other side of the marina up here in N.Vallarta on Blvd. Nayarit? Perhaps Eddie’s Place or El Barracuda Restaurants or OXXO? There are a lot of us who would greatly appreciate one of these locations in the new year please 🙂

        Thanks in advance for your consideration!

        1. hi! The paper is delivered to Barracudas and Eddies Place in Nuevo! They arrive about 10am Thursday – please stop by early as they go fast!

  3. I seem to find it hard to have a reliable source to obtain a copy of The Tribune.
    We have a home just across from the Mismaloya Bus terminal on Calle Costitucion in PV – just off Basilio Badillo. There are numerous condos and rental suites occupied by snowbirds so we have a constant parade passing day and night.

    We have 2 planter boxes with iron lids at one entrance. It is protected by a palapa so shady and out of any showers. In the past we have often picked up a dozen or more PV Mirrors and placed them there, and they are soon gone. We have received thanks and appreciation – but feel a little guilty about taking so many from another outlet. We and I believe our neighbors would appreciate the chance to pick up a Tribune on a regular basis.

    Both papers are excellent, although very different. Yours has many interesting articles and covers topics and items not included in the other. I remember so well the article on the Canadian ladies starting up sewing classes in deprived areas to train women as seamstresses. These human interest stories are unique to your publication. Why not give it a try as we are just off the Libramiento, around the corner from the Pemex – or around the corner of Basilio Badillo.
    418 Constitucion – a 40 ft. White house with 2 palapa’s – across from the old IFA Bldg.

    Patricia Graham
    1 322 105 4325

  4. Hello

    I will be in PV from Jan 8- Jan 15 and am doing research on a past resident Ernesto Munoz Acosta and his brother Rudolpho.
    Ernesto was an artist and ran the Museo Acosta. Rudolpho ran an antique business as well. Would anyone at your newspaper be available to search your archives for information?
    Regards Jim Halliday

  5. I am not sure that I am expressing myself at the right place.
    But I am a winter resident for the last few years(41/2 months per yr.).
    We live on Manuel Dieguez and as you know much construction is going on.
    But where I have trouble ,
    is that it starts at 07:15 am till many times 09:00 pm and later.
    I find that it is a great lack of respect for the residents.
    When they built on Bazillo Badillo they had a curfew at 05:00pm.
    Are there no city laws concerning time restrictions?

  6. Dear Editor,

    We are full-time residents of Puerto Vallarta and love living here but are wondering if anything is being done about the state of disrepair of the public buses.

    It is difficult to enjoy the much heralded climate when buses without brake pads are literally screeching to a stop on the street below. The sound of metal on metal is ear-piercing.
    Other buses apparently do not have mufflers that are operational, creating additional unnecessary noise.

    I have visited and have family in Guadalajara. The busses there are newer and much quieter. I have to believe that Puerto Vallarta brings a lot of money into the state of Jalisco. Why are our busses in such appalling shape?

    Thank you.

  7. We’re planning a wonderful charity event at the Convention center in Paradise Village for several missions in Mexcales and Carlandia. Can you advice how to publicize the event in the Tribune? Thanks

    1. Hi Susan

      You may publicize the event with our Events page, that allows you to upload information so that you event will be displayed in our Events Calendar. We use our online Events Calendar to provide our editors with the required information to feature events in our newspaper.

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