Contact Lenses and Summer Health Info!

When Dra. May Cadena told me she had a ‘contactologo’ that is now coming to Puerto Vallarta, once a month from Mexico City, it sort of reminded me instead of a fortune teller or someone that can make contacts into the beyond. Ha. No, not that. A specialist in contact lenses! On June 22 and June 23, 2019 we will now have a “Contact Lens Clinic”. This is for folks who are currently using, want to use contacts, have had problems in the past obtaining the proper contact lenses or those interested in using contact lenses. Dr. Mario personalizes the test for each eye as he brings many different kinds of contacts (types and materials) in order to offer the patient the most suitable for him/her. This is what makes the difference between going to a big box store or just any optician, and going to a specialist. The eyes are checked to be sure they are in perfect shape for using contacts making for a very complete experience. Dra. May insists that with all of the items that can be offered to a patient for improving their vision, she believes that contact lenses are the ones that can offer the best visual quality, even over glasses. Obviously there are some contraindications, adverse effects and special care must be taken into account but generally speaking, contacts allow them to offer a very good option in terms of better vision and eye health. This sure sounds good to me and I am ready to give it a whirl! If you would like to attend the clinic, please send me an email for an appointment.
On January 25, 2019 at 9am at Clinic Sanmare we are so excited to present Dr. Carlos Quintero, GP and medical director of Clinic Sanmare speaking on Summer Health Tips/Issues. Summer skin issues, bug bites including dengue, foot fungus, dehydration signs and treatment, special summer stomach issues and much more! This is a no charge event but we request that you RSVP to me as space is limited.
Our June newsletter is out, albeit late but better late than never. Do you have leg pain, varicose veins, spider veins? Perhaps you should attend our Vascular Clinic. Do you have thyroid issues? Then our Thyroid clinic is for you. Knee pain? Then we have a knee clinic! When was your last mammogram? If you are behind, then our Mammogram Clinic. You see, our clinics continue even in the ‘low season’!
Isn’t it about time for a deluge? I think we are all ready!
Here’s to a calm week!

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