Connection and Health

“Only by restoring the broken connections can we be healed.
Connection is health.” –
Wendell Berry

How many times in your life have you walked by someone and not bothered to engage them in some way or make eye contact? How many times have you violently killed a harmless insect such as a bee because it’s in your way? What do the two have to do with one another – connection. When you sense that we are in this together, you don’t feel painfully alone and have a fresh reverence for all life surfaces.
Many years ago when I was living a rushed, stressed out, deadline driven lifestyle that encouraged me to adhere to timelines and pay attention to only myself, it was further ingrained in me from television commercials to magazine covers that happiness existed outside of myself or at least with my next new pair of shoes. And don’t get me wrong; I still enjoy a good pair of shoes every now and then. Buying the next cute outfit, making myself over, thinking about changing my Mexican appearance in order to A) fit in to Caucasian standards or B) to feel worthy was a part of my existence back then. I hadn’t considered that interconnectedness existed within the inner workings of my mind, body and soul and my physical environment. I was craving connection of all kinds, beginning with myself.
My journey of moving from California to Mexico has been one of self-discovery. It has been a mission to answer my calling of better understanding my Mexican roots and my essence of what matters to me in this lifetime as I get to uncover the inner depths of who I am. It has also been a fabulous manifestation of engaging with the life around me in the various forms that it takes – the ocean, the trees, the sand under my feet, having conversations spoken and unspoken with the people and animals that cross my path, even having a better connection with my own breath. Everything has a life force and I had unknowingly lost that knowledge before. Now that I have recaptured that inner-knowing I will never ever again let it go astray. The more we love ourselves, each other, the other beings we share this Earth with and Mother Earth who we call home, the more we are able to connect, reengage, love, breathe life into our own vital essence. Who or what do you need to connect or reconnect with?
Marcella is a bilingual certified wellness lifestyle coach. Her mission is guiding people to lead healthier lives with attention to compassion and sustainability in the world. She looks at the whole picture and helps you incorporate plant-strong nutrition, movement, and essential oils to support physical and emotional health. To receive health and wellness tips about natural, healthy living in Vallarta sign up for her updates at