The Compound Effect of Being Happy

Wow, I just finished a kick-ass Pilate’s class and had my butt handed to me by my instructor.

Who would think that I could lose strength in all areas of my body in less than one month? Well, I certainly did, and it was not pretty.

The good news is it was a beautiful reminder of how things can slip in lightning speed if you get complacent in your life.

I am sure you have heard the saying, “if you don’t use it, you will lose it!”  I have to tell you this wake-up call quickly reminded me that this was oh, so very true.

I am not only talking about losing strength on the Pilates Reformer, flexibility on the yoga mat or your stamina to climb some stairs. It is also about flexing your brain muscles. This kind of thing just sneaks up on you and all of a sudden you can’t remember your neighbor’s name who has lived beside you for two years.

Yikes, what the heck happens to us? I will keep hammering the motto … USE IT OR LOSE IT!

It’s a simple thing that can go one of two ways. I think we can be a Keener Type A Personality -having a checklist that gets checked off all day long, never veering from our daily to-do list.  Or we can get too comfortable with our lives and think “manaña, manaña.” I will get to all those things that seem unimportant or that we might take for granted, tomorrow.

It is pretty simple, life can get busy, and we can get sidetracked from taking care of business, or we make the time to do the things that enhance one’s life.

Whatever it is that we BS ourselves with, the fact is it will smack you in the face, and then you have to step up your game to get back onto the train that you derailed.

Ideally, the best thing to do is not stop in the first place. If you are creating a healthy balance in your life, I tip my hat to you. Great job.

If not the excellent news is you are still breathing so, this makes this a doable situation, and we can figure it out with an action plan.

Have you heard of the Compound Effect? If not, this means however you choose to live your life; you will experience more of what it is that you are doing, good or bad.

It is a beautiful thing if spun in the right direction. It makes anything worth doing much easier. If you know in your heart that all you have to do is show up, keep showing up. Eventually, you will get your desired results that you are looking for.

Unfortunately, it can easily swing the other way too. A good example being gaining a pound here and there, all of a sudden at the end of the year you are packing around an extra 15!

The great news is knowledge is a powerful thing. Let’s be honest here. I am not reinventing the wheel, we all know this stuff. Sometimes we just need a gentle reminder not to let things pile up. This time of year is all about settling down and taking care of business. I invite you to take the business of your happy life with sincere dedication. We are blessed with one life! Let’s make smart, positive choices to live this life in the best possible way – we all deserve that.

Homework: Pick one area in your life that you notice needs some attention. Do one thing to enhance it for the next 21 days.  Take note of where you are today so you can measure your success at the end of the 21 days. You got this, go for it!

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Rhonda Zarate
Happy Heart Lifestyle Coach
Rhonda Zarate is a Happy Heart Lifestyle Advisor. Her favorite thing to do is help people find their happiest hearts through Coaching. Vlogging, Boutique Real Estate & she authored a book Find Your Happy Planner.
Sharing her love for the happy path and her family makes her heart the happiest, being part of a Heart Tribe is one’s greatest JOY.