Comfortably Numb

“You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby” popped into my head during intermission of soprano Mary Porter’s first concert at Incanto’s theatre in Vallarta. Four months ago, for Mary Porter, Puerto Vallarta existed only on a map in Western Mexico. In sixteen weeks she came for vacation, was enchanted by Vallarta’s magic, moved here permanently knowing nobody, went to Incanto to hear tenor Enrique de Allendein concert (I sat right behind her), sang during Open Mike Night at Incanto and badda-bing, landed her own show. Quite a collection of accomplishments in a short time, wouldn’t you say?

She sang her favorite songs, invited tenor Alejandro Peña to join her onstage for a solo and a duet before he had to run to a previous engagement in Pitillal to sing with mariachi. Pianist Dennis Crow made an appearance with a couple of young men from the Ballet Folklorico Tradiciones who danced to Gershwin! A brilliant addition to the program!

The stage was elegant with white roses and Derek Carkner! Many members of the Vallarta Gay Men’s Chorus were in the audience to cheer on their new director who accompanied Mary beautifully on the piano. We will be seeing much more of Mary Porter as she continues to blaze trails in Vallarta: Brava!

I attended the Tribute to Pink Floyd at Act II Stages last week. The Pacific Rock Company did a commendable job of capturing the essence of one of the finest British bands ever. The concert ran longer (delighting die-hard fans) than many people anticipated, including my companion for the evening—my exquisite friend Jovany. I was assured by lead singer/bass player Ron, that the second half would be even better than the first, and it was! The finale “Comfortably Numb” was absolute perfection. (A note here to thank Act II’s Mr. Marsha – aka Howard Ross, who installed bass woofers under the seats. Wow!) Kudos to sound tech Sebastien LePage who is putting together this Summer Concert Series that will feature local musicians. The incredible band Tequila Rush will be onstage Thursday, August 1. I will let you know the program.

Artist’s Cooperative Update: no news yet on our locale of choice. Keep the positive energy flowing, please! And contact me at if you are interested in joining us.

The vintage clothing store “Ropero de Jovany” is moving July 15 to Hidalgo 227 across from Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Jovany’s manager, Cristobal, is now the new owner. Congratulations Cris and good luck with the move.

My sister Patrice is here, and we are eating our way through Vallarta. Our mutual friend Lil has joined us from Vancouver for her first visit to Vallarta in 15 years. She is helping us eat!

Our first significant rain was this past Sunday night. Incidentally, for all you newcomers to our tropical summer—remember when there is lightning, UNPLUG your cell phones and computers. Trust me on this.

Take care of one another, always. Be kind daily and remember to find me at Marsol Friday Market by the Pier for free hugs, From Here.

Marcia Blondin