Come Volunteer with us!!

We have lots of volunteer opportunities for dog lovers!
1. Come and visit the sanctuary and play and walk and cuddle the dogs, that helps us a lot in their socializing process.
This you can do pretty much any day or time.
2. Twice a week we take our dogs to local parks or a shopping centers etc to get them used to strangers/noises/kids etc. and we need help walking them there.
The more volunteers we have for that the more dogs we can take there and that helps them a lot in their socializing process too. This is usually Sundays and Tuesdays.
3. We have started signing up volunteers for the high season already who can help at our Farmer´s market booth, we are at the Olas Altas Farmer´s market, every Saturday from November through April, we take donations and sell t-shirts and hats with our logo and such.
Time commitment  8am -2pm, you can sign up for once a month, or more often, or less.
Any day you can help, helps us. And it´s usually fun and you meet a lot of people.
If any of that speaks to you, please email us to