Come to the sold-out movie everyone is talking about!

The response to Active Measures has been so overwhelming there will be a fourth screening January 29, 3 – 6 pm.

If you’re wondering what U.S. Special Investigator Robert Mueller is apt to report, the documentary Active Measures is a preview of what’s to come, so we invite you join us in viewing it then discussing it in small groups after. 

Screening at Incanto on Tuesday January 29,  from 3 – 6 pm, the Los Angeles Times describes the movie as “A crash course in accepting that the 2016 U.S. election results were the greatest espionage operation in world history.” 

Filmmaker Jack Bryan exposes a 30-year history of covert political warfare devised by Vladimir Putin to disrupt, and ultimately control world events. The documentary follows a trail of money, real estate, mob connections and recorded confessions to expose an insidious plot that leads directly to the White House. 

With democracy hanging in the balance, Active Measures is essential viewing. 

We urge you to come early if you would like to order food and drink before the film starts, Incanto located at Insurgentes 109 by the river.   

Tickets are 100 pesos each and just 85 available. So to avoid disappointment we suggest you stop by as soon as possible or purchase them online at 

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