Come get wet!! Join us on our SPCA River-Walks!

To bring some fun to our shelter dogs and have them experience something different than just the sanctuary and the area around it where we usually take them for walks, we have started River–Walks! Every Sunday, we load our van full with dogs, and drive up to El Nogalito, 15-minutes south of downtown Vallarta, and take the pooches for a pleasant two-hour walk along and through the river. We usually have two or three staff members and can take up to ten dogs in the van, but that means we also need a handful of volunteers who can help us walk them, one dog per walker. It is so much fun for the dogs and really a joy to see them there. We are looking for volunteers who can help us, if you have any Sunday available, email us and we can sign you up. Best if you have a car, or you can just take a taxi or Uber to El Nogalito and meet us there. You do need to be quite fit since we will walk in the water, over rocks – just be prepared to get wet from your shoes to your shirt! The river is refreshing, and there is always Nogalito restaurant at the end of the hike if you want to stay for lunch or a cold beer! Email us at to join any of the upcoming Sundays! Our dogs say thank you!!