Come Celebrate Day of the Dead in Bucerias

Often mistaken as the equivalent of Halloween, Dia de Los Muertos is a profoundly cultural tradition in Mexico. Dating back 3000 years, history suggests it was first observed by the Aztec and Nahua peoples. They viewed death as an integral part of life itself, an occasion not to be sorrowful about but to be embraced. Welcoming their beloved, year after year for twenty-four hours, Day of the Dead is now celebrated all across Mexico in big cities and small towns, as well as internationally among those of Mexican heritage. On November 1st and 2nd, families assist spirits on their return journey by building altars in their homes or at gravesites, using vividly colorful and personal objects the loved ones favored in life to guide them. Marigolds and candles, traditional food and drink interspersed with meaningful trinkets, the altars are decorated enticingly to welcome the departed.
Are you wondering where you can go to watch it all unfold? Do you want to see lovingly built altars, have your face painted, and catch a superb lineup of incredible FREE live entertainment, ending with a fabulous array of fireworks?

In Bucerias, Christy Beguesse, owner of A Broken Art Studio, is an event planner extraordinaire. Christy and local volunteers have worked for weeks toward making this a day one to remember for all.

Taking place at the Bucerias Centro Plaza, on Friday, November 1st, join us for an evening of community camaraderie. You’ll witness the plaza transformed into a magical space, boasting many colorful decorations, including thousands of paper flowers. Greet strangers and friends alike. Meander along the walkways and observe the altars, built with care in honor of family members. Ponder which altars will win cash prizes for first, second, and third place. Never missing an opportunity to involve children, in preparation for the day, Christy and friends held art classes at local schools and the Manos de Amor home, resulting in great times and beautifully decorated Catrina cutouts you will find on display by the young artists. Older students are offering face painting, ”Calavera” style. All visitors under twelve years of age will receive FREE face painting, while adults pay reasonable fees for half- and full-face. The live entertainment begins at 7 pm, but ensure you’re there early to soak it all in.

Enjoy the sensational sights and sounds of the twelve-piece band, ”Mariachi International,” followed by the mesmerizing Ballet Folklorico Tradicionales, and the beautiful music of Cheko Ruiz. Did I mention fireworks? See you at the plaza. You may not recognize me – I’ll be sporting a calavera face myself!

Many thanks to the event’s sponsors for their generosity. They include; El Divino; Victoria Pratt/Timothy Real Estate; Refugio del Mar; Hearts for Arts; Riviera Nayarit; The Art of Peace; 6 Amigos, and the Parkers.